I Friendzoned One Direction

Rebecca June Frederickson is just another girl who loves music. She likes all different genres and dreams of inspiring people with her songs. After high school Rebecca and her best friend Alice decided to move away from America across the ocean to London, England. This is where they hoped to start a new life and fulfill their dreams but they had no idea that they'd run into One Direction. For once the boys will meet a girl who wants to be "just friends". But thats okay, one girl can't tear a band apart...right?


5. Texting and Help Sleeping

Rebecca's P.O.V.

The first thing I did when I walked into the apartment was take a shower then went straight to my bed and laid down. It had been a long day and so much had happened. I was very tired but couldn't stop thinking about the boys. Finally I got the nerve to text Harry.

Me: Hey Harry, it's Rebecca. u busy? can't sleep :/

Harry Styles: Hey Rebecca! Just watching tv with the guys and sorry :(

Me: Yeah, it's fine.  Had lots of fun today!!

Harry Styles: Same here, need to hang out again soon :3

Me: Absolutely!

I hit send then sighed. Not going to sleep anytime soon so might as well text him.

Harry's P.O.V.

The guys and I had been watching TV since we got back and I was really hoping to get a text back from Rebecca tonight. I had told the guys I gave her my number and they were glad to hear it. I just wanted to make sure she didn't run off again. While in the middle of watching some cartoons I got a text so I quickly checked my phone hoping it was Rebecca.

Unknown Number: Hey Harry, it's Rebecca. u busy? can't sleep :/

I smiled and added her number quickly before texting her back. We chatted for a little while, I just was trying to keep her company since she couldn't sleep. "Who you texting?" Zayn asked beside me trying to sneak a peak. "Becca" I whispered and went back to my text. "You've been texting her this whole time and you didn't tell us!" Zayn announced then all the boys looked at me. "Who?" Louis asked. "Rebecca." Zayn said trying not to laugh. "She can't sleep." I explained. Louis then marched over and took my phone. "Hey!" I said trying to get my phone back. "Hey Sprite Girl! It's Louis <3 I miss you!! XOXO btw Harry said he loves u!" Louis read out loud as he typed. I groaned and he yelled. "Send!" Then Louis got out his phone and added her number. Before tossing me back my phone.

Louis's P.O.V.

Once I had Rebecca's number in my phone I tossed Harry his phone back and started to text her. If she couldn't sleep then I wanted to help.

Me: Hey Sprite girl ;) It's Louis!

Sprite Girl: Hi Lou! I got your text :P

We kept texting for another hour but she still couldn't sleep and I was getting tired. Harry and the others had already gone to bed and I was the only one awake only because I wanted to stay up with Rebecca. I was tired of texting so I decided to call her. "Hello?" she said. "Hey, was tired of texting." I said then yawned. "Oh okay.. you can go to bed you know? I don't want to keep you up." she said but I knew she didn't want me to go. "I'm staying." I said. "Thanks.." She whispered and I smiled even though she couldn't see. We talked for another hour and finally I started singing to her hoping she would fall asleep. Once I could here her breathing become heavy I smiled then hung up and went to bed.

Rebecca's P.O.V.

When I woke up the next day I thought about the night before and smiled. Mental note to self: Go to Louis if having troubles sleeping. I grabbed my phone and texted Louis 'Thanks' before taking a shower and getting dressed in lazy clothes. Today was unpacking day, how exciting. I didn't even bother to see what Alice was doing. I just wanted to get all this unpacking finished.

I spent  4 hours unpacking only stopping to eat and talk to Alice. When I was done my room looked amazing and very organized. I smiled then grabbed my phone to take a picture sending it to Harry and Louis then tweeting it. I really needed to get the others numbers. Just as I was about to go into Alice's room to see how she was doing I got a new text.

Louis Tomlinson: Does this mean you can come over? :)

I laughed.

Me: Only if you come get me!

Louis Tomlinson: Deal!

I sent him the address then walked into Alice's room. "Woah." I said surprised at how neat it was. "Like it?" She said smiling. "Very..pink." I said and she laughed. I then dragged her to my room. "Love it!" she said laying down on my bed. "Louis invited me over, hes coming to pick me up. You in?" I asked. She frowned. "I can't. I promised Aunt Loreen I'd go shopping with her today. "Aw" I said disappointing. "you go ahead and have fun though." She smiled and I hugged her. "You're the best Ali!" I said. " And don't you forget it!" she winked at me and I laughed. Then she left me to get ready.



~Authors Note~

Hey, I know the chapters short and kinda boring(at least i think so). Sorry :( I only worked a little on it but wanted to publish something today. I'll write more soon. Thanks for reading <3

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