I Friendzoned One Direction

Rebecca June Frederickson is just another girl who loves music. She likes all different genres and dreams of inspiring people with her songs. After high school Rebecca and her best friend Alice decided to move away from America across the ocean to London, England. This is where they hoped to start a new life and fulfill their dreams but they had no idea that they'd run into One Direction. For once the boys will meet a girl who wants to be "just friends". But thats okay, one girl can't tear a band apart...right?


12. Secrets Revealed

Rebecca's P.O.V.

"Hey Rebecca. I just wanted to let you know...."

My heart started to race as I waited for Alice to finish her sentence. She stopped and looked around at all our faces, smirking to herself and I knew something was up. The news could either be good or bad but based on Alice's expression I knew she was enjoying herself. I opened my mouth to tell her to get to the point but Harry beat me to it. "Know what!?" He yelled loud enough for all of us to hear.  I rolled my eyes at his eagerness to know what she wanted to tell "me". All the boys were waiting patiently for what she had to say, even though it was directed towards me. Nosey boys. I had a feeling that was exactly what she wanted thought, and that worried me. The seconds seemed like hours as I waited for the words to escape her mouth. If I was lucky it would be something silly but I still was curious. "Well.. you are really stupid to not notice all these boys fancy you." She said laughing and I rolled my eyes. She sat now and I felt a wave of relief wash over me. She was just joking around, typical Alice, but I couldn't help but hope she was right in some ways. Like if one of them liked me but I knew I would never date them. "Yeah, nice try Alice." I looked around the table. Suddenly the boys were all deeply interested in their plates. Which if it was just Niall I would understand but as I looked at them they all avoided my gaze. The table fell silent and I caught Alice's stare as she burst into laughter after seeing my expression. I was so confused. Luckily the waitress came by and asked us if we wanted dessert. "YES!" Yelled Niall and I sighed with relief. I felt like everyone knew something I didn't and wanted to know more but was glad to get rid of the silence.


I thought desert would be an improvement from the silence that seemed to haunt the table after Alice's announcement. I began to wonder if maybe she was right and the boys just didn't want to admit it. No way. Why would they like me? I shook my head and began playing around with my ice-cream. "You okay?" I turned my head to see Liam looking at me with concerned eyes. I got a flash back of the night we watched Toy Story. "I'm fine." I said quietly as I followed his eyes to my spoon. Oh, forgot about that. I put my spoon down and sat back. "You gonna eat that?" asked Niall pointing to my ice cream. I shook my head and smiled as he welcomed himself to my left overs. I remembered us eating Oreos in the kitchen and that little moment between us. The one so similar to the one I had with Louis in his car. What if I had been giving off the wrong signals? I quickly went over my time with all the boys and couldn't take it anymore. My feelings were all over the place and  I wasn't even sure anymore. "I can't do this." I whispered. I looked up at Alice who seemed worried. I went to say something but she shook her head. "I'm sorry" I said and everyone heard me. " Sorry about what?" Asked Zayn. I looked over at him and gave him a slight smile. "Becca..." Alice warned but it was too late. I stood up and looked around the table. "I can't date any of you." I said tears threatening to break free. Before anyone could reply or even try to stop me I ran out of the restaurant as fast as I could. The tears fell freely now but I didn't dare look behind me or listen to the calling of my name. I ran and ran till my knees finally gave out.

They all liked me but I didn't feel the same way.

"Friendzoned.." I whispered to myself.


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