I Friendzoned One Direction

Rebecca June Frederickson is just another girl who loves music. She likes all different genres and dreams of inspiring people with her songs. After high school Rebecca and her best friend Alice decided to move away from America across the ocean to London, England. This is where they hoped to start a new life and fulfill their dreams but they had no idea that they'd run into One Direction. For once the boys will meet a girl who wants to be "just friends". But thats okay, one girl can't tear a band apart...right?


11. Piggy Back Rides In London

Rebecca's P.O.V.

"Jeesh, I feel so left out." Said Niall from behind us and I felt bad for him. "Sorry Ni, maybe in a bit." I said and he gave me a tiny smile. I looked over Zayn's shoulder to see where we were going and saw Louis leading Harry towards the door. Oh great this would probably be all over twitter. "Hurry up!" hollered Louis and I heard Harry mumble something but couldn't understand him. In a matter of minutes we were on the streets of London watching people give us weird looks. We just laughed and some people took photos of us and occasionally we would get a few fans who would ask Alice and I if we were their girlfriends. I loved these boys but sorry no. After awhile we were all getting tired so we decided to head back. I looked down at Zayn who looked like he was getting tired. "You don't have to carry me anymore." I whispered just loud enough for him to hear. He nodded and set me down.

I had only walked a few steps when Niall ran up beside me. "My turn?" he asked. "Sure, I feel like a princess." I laughed as he helped me onto his back. "Thank you." Said Niall once we had been walking for a few minutes. "For what?" I asked confused. "For letting me carry you." He said and I took a second to admire is accent, it really was adorable. "Oh it's nothing really, just wanted to make sure you got a turn." I said truthfully. He smiled and carried me the whole way back.

Once we got back everyone had separated to go do different things. Alice and I were in the guest bedroom and she was getting impatient. We both sat on the bed cross legged. She wanted me to tell her EVERYTHING that happened since the last time we saw each other. Which was a lot. I mean I was hanging out with One Direction how could it not be?

Zayn's P.O.V.

The boys and I had been talking and made plans to go out to eat for dinner tonight. We decided to invite the girls also and I volunteered to go ask them if they wanted to come. The girls were fun to spend time with and I think all the boys would agree. Alice was pretty cool but I didn't know her as well as Rebecca. I smiled as I thought of Rebecca. She was incredibly beautiful and I have to admit i was starting to develop feelings for her. I didn't tell the other boys because I wasn't quite sure yet. I mean we all treated her as a sister pretty much. What if she didn't feel the same way about me? I didn't wanna worry about it, besides things were fine the way they were. I was about to walk into the guest bedroom when I over heard the girls talking.

"Which one do you like?" Alice asked. I knew it wasn't right for me to listen in on their conversation but I honestly wanted to hear Rebecca's answer. "Well..." Rebecca began. "They are all so wonderful! Like a bunch of brothers." Not the answer I was hoping for but I understood. She had only just met us, maybe she would change her mind. "I see what you mean." Alice replied and I decided to stop snooping around. "Hey girls." I said walking in and standing at the edge of the bed they were both sitting on. "Hi Zayn." said Rebecca smiling and I instantly smiled back. "The boys and I were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner later tonight?" I asked hoping they would reply yes. They both looked at each other then turned back towards me. "We'd love to!" they both yelled at the same time.

*Later that night*

Alice's P.O.V.

We had all just arrived at a semi fancy restaurant and I was excited because this would be the perfect opportunity. Earlier I had asked Becca about which one of the boys she likes but she only sees them as brothers. I understood why though because I saw them the same way. They were wonderful and all but I couldn't picture myself being with one of them. Rebecca and I had gained 5 new best friends, it was awesome.

I think though that some of them like her. I have been watching them since we arrived at the restaurant. The way they look at her. Its just adorable. I watched Niall as he stole some of Rebecca's food and she gave him a look before they started laughing. While they were talking I caught a glimpse of Zayn's face, like he was jealous. I started laughing. How could Rebecca not see how much they liked her. Being the annoying friend I am I would have to say something. I grabbed my fork and hit it against my glass for a dramatic effect. They all got startled by the noise and looked at me as I stood.

"Hey Rebecca. I just wanted to let you know...."

~Authors Note~

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the chapter and thank you sooo much for reading. You have no idea how amazing it is to have all of you enjoy it so much. I just started a new Fan fiction called "Jealousy is My Middle Name" Please check it out! If you guys like it I'll start writing more. Thanks again.

Love you all <3 

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