I Friendzoned One Direction

Rebecca June Frederickson is just another girl who loves music. She likes all different genres and dreams of inspiring people with her songs. After high school Rebecca and her best friend Alice decided to move away from America across the ocean to London, England. This is where they hoped to start a new life and fulfill their dreams but they had no idea that they'd run into One Direction. For once the boys will meet a girl who wants to be "just friends". But thats okay, one girl can't tear a band apart...right?


4. Nice Sand Castle

Alice's P.O.V.

I had been in the kitchen looking for something to eat when Rebecca rushed into the room. "Alice! Guess what were doing today?" She said with her bikini in her hand. I looked at her hand and then at her. "How could I ever guess?" I asked sarcastically. She laughed and stuck her tongue out at me. "You in for some beach fun?" She asked. "Of course!" I said excited. I couldn't wait to go because I knew we were gonna have lots of fun. I walked over and hugged her then we left to get ready.

I was surprised by Rebecca's sudden interest in going to the beach. We are both a lot alike and have tons of fun together except she was shy among people she didn't know. Yesterday was a perfect example and how she ran as soon as the boys realized we knew who they were. I never had been a huge fan of them but I liked their music and I knew Becca loved their songs. That girl loves her lyrics and her music better than anyone I know. A lot of times when I've had my heartbroken or been upset she has always been there for me and will always give me the perfect song/songs to help. She is weird but not in a bad way. So I don't know why she ran and also after yesterday shes been acting different. I love going to the beach but Rebbecca wasn't crazy about it but oh well. I shrugged then went to my bathroom where put my long blonde hair in a  messy bun and got dressed in my red and white striped bikini and white sundress. I thought it would be funny to match Rebecca. When I came out I found Becca had thrown on some ripped shorts and a blue tank top with her long hair hanging over her shoulder. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled. After getting all our stuff together we were off.

Harry's P.O.V.

After waking up I headed to the kitchen where I found the boys eating eggs and sausage. "Good morning sleepy head!" I heard Louis yell then give me a hug. I laughed then grabbed a plate to get some food but I realized none was left. "You didn't leave me any!" I said annoyed. "Well I did but Niall was hungry." Liam said pointing at Niall who was eating what I figured was suppose to be my food. The food I bought yesterday after we ate Nandos."Niall is always hungry!" I exclaimed and then Niall smiled. I went and grabbed some crisps a bit annoyed when Zayn walked in bringing his plate. "It's gonna be another beautiful day, when we going to the beach?" He asked. "NOW!" Louis said and ran upstairs. Nice to see hes back to his usual self I smiled. I should probably go get ready.

After all the boys were ready we hoped in Louis's van and were on our way. The whole ride we basically just listened to the radio and were on twitter. When we finally did arrive not many people were there so it was easy to find our own little spot. Zayn, Niall and I all went and were playing football(soccer) in the sand while Louis had dragged Liam over to build a sandcastle. Liam groaned and I couldn't help but laugh. Louis sure was strange, but also hilarious.

Rebecca's P.O.V.

I stood on the beach looking at the beautiful water and smiled. Alice had decided to tan and listen to music but I didn't feel like it. I began to walk along the beach and take in the landscape while also getting a little exercise. It couldn't hurt. I was thinking about what Alice and I could do after she was done tanning when I walked past a couple who were cuddling on the beach. They had their arms around each other and she was asleep while he was just laying their smiling at her. The look in his eyes, you could just tell they were in love. I looked away and sighed. I had wrote songs about a love like that and just seeing them like that made me wish I had brought my notebook. I continued to walk, and looked ahead noticing a few boys in the distance. I didn't really pay much attention to them and just watched the ocean. Such a beautiful day today.

I was now closer to the boys on the beach and decided just to walk past them. I couldn't help but watch what they were doing. How could I not watch five shirtless guys? Some of them were a little farther away playing what us Americans call soccer while the two who were closer were building a sandcastle. I walked in behind them a few yards away and saw a so called 'Sandcastle' even though it looked like just a sand shack. I walked closer to get a better view of the sandcastle and more... and I started laughing but quickly covered my mouth when they turned around. I fell backwards once I saw their faces, hurting my bum. "Louis? ... Liam?" I asked confused. What were they doing here?

Part of me wanted to run away but I refused to do that again. It was gonna start becoming a habit if I kept at it. "Nandos Girl?" Louis asked surprised. I ran into One Direction two times in the two days I've been in London. It just didn't seem real. I pinched my arm in disbelief and Louis must of saw because he looked at my hand then up at me and started laughing. Nope. Not a dream, just great. Liam held his hand out for me and I accepted letting him help me up even though the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. I have never been good around people I don't know well. "I can't believe it's you!" Louis yelled. "I was worried we'd never see you again. I never even got your name." He said. "Oh, I'm sorry about yesterday, I get kinda shy and I felt really stupid. My names Rebecca." I smiled. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Louis as you already know and this is Liam. The other lads are playing football" He said in a friendly tone and Liam smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile. Louis was one of those guys that just had something so likeable about them.

"Wheres your friend at, you aren't here alone are you?" Liam asked concerned. "Shes just a ways down the beach. I had decided to go on a walk when I saw you guys building this..."  I said looking  past them at their 'Sandcastle'. "You like it?" Louis asked excited. "It's very...unique.. like you Louis." I smiled and Liam started laughing. We talked and kept building our very special sand castle for what felt like hours before the other boys were finally done playing football and walked over. "Who's this?" Niall asked eyeballing me. "Nandos girl." Louis said while making his moat. "I still prefer Sprite Girl." Liam said and I rolled my eyes. "I prefer Rebecca." I mumbled to myself. Louis must of heard me because he grinned. I stood up in front of the other boys wiping the sand off my bum. "I'm Rebecca." I said nervously. Liam noticed and stood up beside me wrapping an arm over my shoulder. "Shes really cool." he said and I smiled at him and mouth him a 'thank you'.

The guys all introduced themselves and we all were just hanging out on the beach but before the guys could say anything else my phone went off playing the chorus of  Na Na Na.  I felt my cheeks go red and then the boys started laughing so I quickly answered my phone and walked away. "Hello?" I said glancing back at the boys laughing. "Girl!Where are you!?"  I heard Alice freaking out. "I am with Louis and the boys, don't worry!" I said. "oh.. wait what?! You are so telling me all about this! Now get your booty over here, I wanna meet em!" She yelled excited. "Fine! I'm coming see ya soon." I hung up and walked back to the boys.

I told the boys and they all agreed to come with me. After meeting her we were sitting on the beach getting to know each other. "I am the king of tickling." Louis said proudly. "Not better than me!"  I smirked. "Oh really?" he winked and started coming towards me. "No Louis!" I screamed and ran away. Everyone else soon joined in chasing me and before I knew it Louis and Zayn had caught me and were tickling me. "Okay! you win!" I said laughing. "Say that Louis is the king of tickling!" he demanded. "Louis is the KING of tickling!" I announced. "..and I love him!" Louis smiled. "I love Louis Tomlinson!" I yelled. They finally let me go and I ran away. "AS A FRIEND!" I screamed behind me.

It was starting to get dark and after watching the sunset it was time to go. "We should probably get going." I told the boys. "Aw do you have to?" Niall said frowning. "Yeah tomorrow we really need to unpack." Alice said. I was really going to miss the boys, we had a lot of fun today and I wish it would never end. "At least let us drive ya girls home." Zayn said and Alice and I both nodded.

When they dropped us off we said our goodbyes and went inside. We were just about to take the elevator up when Harry ran towards us. "Harry?" I asked confused. He then handed me a piece of paper and winked before running off. I opened it up and found 'Call me' and what I guessed was Harry's number. Looks like I'll be seeing them again soon.






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