Take You

Can a person really change someone's life? Do people keep their word? Can someone truly and deeply love someone so much? Niall try's to change Brianna's life and gives her love that she deserves. She had a messed up life and Niall tries to change her future. But will it last? Will he stay with his word and not hurt her?


5. I don't know what to feel.

Bri's POV.

My eyes went wide from the three words I never thought I would hear come out of Harry's mouth.

"Ar.... Are you joking?" I stumbled on my own words. I did fancy Harry when we were first friends but I grew to like Niall. Harry and I were just friends so my feelings went away but when he said that, I felt the exact same towards him. It scared me. I was with Niall. I loved Niall. I cared about him. Niall was holding my world together but then Harry was also my everything. I fancied him but this was way to easy.

"I wish.........." He said trailing onto his words.

That's when I snapped. My whole body took control. I lunged myself towards him and kissed him. He was shocked and even myself was too. I instantly pulled apart.

"I'm sorry. I think I should go now." I quietly whispered then left the room. Harry was speechless on my actions. Niall looked at my with worry so I gave him a smile and a convincing one too. I sat beside him and tried to make it like nothing happened.

"What's wrong with Haz?"

"He's just tired from the interview. And we got the wrong idea of seeming he was mad. But he's not." I said while giving another convincing smile. He believed it and we both carried on watching the Telly.

"Lets go to the movies." I said.


I nodded my head.

"Okay. Lets go. Let me just get ready."

I wanted to leave this house for a couple of hours. Harry's words replayed over and over in my head. And I started to feel the same back. But not pure love. Not a real type of I love you, but a deep crush. All the feelings just rushed inside of me. And then there's Niall. The sweetest boy I ever met. I love him. And he loves me with all his heart. We love each other but Harry. My best friend who has been there for me for two years. And then now he confessed something that I wanted to hear before I met Niall. I always fancied Harry but they went away after Niall and I happened.

"Lets go love." Niall said to me. We both walked out of the house to go to the movies.

We arrived to the theater in silence. We didn't even speak in the car ride but it wasn't a awkward silence. It was a silence meaning we liked each others company. We bought our tickets and went inside the theater. We got large popcorn, candy, slushes, and a water. But I knew Niall would want more later during the movie. We took our seats and waited for the movie to start. I didn't even pay attention to the film playing, I was just thinking. About the whole situation I was in. But at the end I knew I was in love with both boys.
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