Take You

Can a person really change someone's life? Do people keep their word? Can someone truly and deeply love someone so much? Niall try's to change Brianna's life and gives her love that she deserves. She had a messed up life and Niall tries to change her future. But will it last? Will he stay with his word and not hurt her?


2. I am afraid of losing you

Brianna's POV

I put up all the clean dishes back into the cabinets while I hummed along with my music. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and I giggled. I felt someone's chin rest on my shoulder and I turn my head so I could see Niall's face.
"Hey babe!" He said with a excited tone.
"Hey. Do you need something?"
"Yes. I need you to come and watch tv with me."
"I'm cleaning up the kitchen babe. Maybe later."
I was about to continue my cleaning when I felt myself being lifted up. He flung me over his shoulder and I pounded on his back.
"Put me down Horan!" I said while giggling.
"You have to watch TV with me!" He complained and sat me down on the couch. I quickly got out of his grip and ran for it. I ran upstairs and I could hear walking behind me. Not closely behind me but behind me. I quickly ducked into a nearby closet and hid myself in his big jackets. I held my breath so he couldn't hear me breath and I did not move a muscle. It went all quiet when all of a sudden the door blasted open. I let out a scream because he scared me and I ducked under. I opened my eyes back up and saw a opening out of the closet between his legs. I quickly slid between them and almost made it out but he brought his legs together, trapping me. I wiggled and tried to get out but his leg grip was to tight. I gave up and relaxed between his legs. I closed my eyes and just hoped he would loosen his grip so I could escape. I was wrong though. He bent down and picked me up. I wiggled again to get out but he had another tight grip on me. He held me in bridal style but had that tight grip on me still. I buried my face into his chest and closed my eyes. I wanted to trick him. I wanted him to loosen his grip and think that I gave up and then I will jump out and run for it. But it was no use. As much as I made it convincing, he still had that tight grip on me. He sat down on the couch and still had me in his arms. I didn't mind but the kitchen was a mess. I am a clean freak. If it isn't clean that I won't be able to relax.

I tensed up in Niall's arms thinking about that messy kitchen.
"What's wrong babe? You seem all tense."
"The kitchen is a mess Niall! Can I please go clean it up? I promise I will return in your arms."
"Please." I said and gave him the puppy dog eyes. He stared into my eyes but quickly looked away.
"Your not tricking me this time."
"Pleeeeease!" I begged.
"Anyways. Why not? It's not like I'm going to fly away Niall" I said with a laugh at the end.
"I'm afraid I'm going to lose you."
"You won't." I whispered into his chest. It went all silent then he finally gave in.
"Fine. But I want to be watching you." I nodded my head and made my way to the kitchen. Niall followed me behind closely and I giggled. I got the rest of the dishes and started washing them. I felt someone's presence behind me and I smiled.
"Your so beautiful." He whispered into my ear. I shivered from his voice and blushed. He wrapped his arms on my waist again and rested his chin on my shoulder like earlier. He kissed down my jawline to my neck and left little kisses.
"Not now Niall. The kitchen is dirty."
He made a whimpering noise but continued leaving little kisses on my neck.

I finished washing the dishes and let the, dry.
"Finished." I announced to Niall who was still leaving kisses.
"Finally." He murmured then picked me up bridal style. I giggled into his chest and he carried me to his bedroom. Or our bedroom since now I live with him. And what happened next, you can probably guess

"Well isn't that sweet?" Was what I heard. I opened my eyes slowly and saw my best friend Phoebe standing in front of us. Niall was holding me close to him like he was actually afraid I would leave him.
"How did you get in here." I whispered so I wouldn't wake Niall up.
"I have a spare key."
I rolled my eyes. I pecked Niall's lips and his eyes fluttered open. He smiled then noticed Phoebe was in the room.
"Why is Phoebe in here?" He asked with his raspy voice. God that voice.
"She just came inside. She has a spare key."
"Yup." She said popping the p.
"Who gave you one?" Niall asked.
"You did! God. You guys have bed memory. Well hurry up and get ready. Niall has a interview in a hour. So chop chop!" She said while motioning her hands. She then left the room so we could get ready.
"Well shall we?" I asked while getting up.
"We shall."
I then felt a stare on my bum. I turned around and saw him biting his lip.
"Don't stare Horan."
"That ass!" He said. I laughed and got into the warm water.

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