Take You

Can a person really change someone's life? Do people keep their word? Can someone truly and deeply love someone so much? Niall try's to change Brianna's life and gives her love that she deserves. She had a messed up life and Niall tries to change her future. But will it last? Will he stay with his word and not hurt her?


1. Prologue

"What the hell do you want!?" I said through my gritted teeth. I was pissed and I was defiantly showing it.
"I want to know what I did!"
"It would be easier if you just let me leave!"
"Just tell me what I did!" Niall said with worry in his face.
"I think you already have a clue."
"What did Ashely tell you!?"
"A reason that your not good for me. I don't want to be hurt Niall. I just need to go." I said trying to calm down. I wanted to cry badly but I wouldn't let them fall. I just wouldn't.
"What did she say about me?" He said getting closer to me. I backed away but he always got back up right in front of me.
"Your a player! Your just going to date me for a week of two then break my heart. This is the best Niall. My life won't change and you can continue on with your big and famous life."
He put his lips onto mine and the biggest mistake I did was kissing him back. He held my face while we kissed and the sun was setting down. He pulled away and stared into my eyes.
"Your not like the rest." He said then put his lips back onto mine.
He kissed me passionately and I could not believe that I believed him.

He pulled away but still had his hands holding my face.
"Not the same at all." He whispered and pecked my lips.
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