Heartbeat of dead end avenue

It's a stunning true story poetical tale of the reality of living on a road which has become notorious has been in the eye of the media locally and even nationwide. It's told threw the perspective of a young resident.(entry for hidden story on your street competition)


1. Road heartbeat

It may just be another route on your daily commute
For some its a no go junction
The road they say you go down you'll cease to function
Its not just road to me it's to which I have become accustomed
Which held from an infant threw my youth
Took us as young root and nurtured us into ripping fruit
Everyday me and road take a poignant sulute.
This road were as kids we love to play
When we went secondary
We took it to heart the streets
And road became our heart beat
The sight is dustraut
The son weren't raised with the right warmth
Now we got this cold an dark streets
See they had nothing
But the road made feel something's there's
The road boys fenced what could be considered mans greatest fears
This road of mine drives the govs balastic
Cause its deemed main to the contrabouter to high crime statistic
Same road the children harmoniously play dealer distrubutes
Are you seeing what I'm seeing at stat in fact means more to them then the life of a human being
To them the road is just context for me an inhabitant its a bit more complex
Vision this as look out window at road is the place were two mothers lost there teenage sons
I see the two separate bunches of layer flowers
Pain is united it is ours but dived it endevours
This were my good mate lost his older brother and his father and mother lost there beloved son
A few years later my friend my good neighbour who we dreamt together of be the greatest footballing players
Instead became roadside player he rather live die with his pride up they're then live with it Down they're
Who was raised with us on the no go avenue who would of known the road would become his last avenue
His mother and hounarble lady
would come to her road to find tent and a dead body scent with in be her dying baby
We were raised close by the docks but here it straight site of the the cruddy blocks

No shells by the sand
A newborn son lost his dad to the shells of the gun
The say one road leads to another
End of the road were a new road goes
The type of things I view everyday only become real to you when you watch the news or go on google mode still it seems insanity but its my reality I face everytime I take I breathe on this road
It's hard to look beyond the surface
Welcome to the home of the murders
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