Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


12. You and I mix

-Shay's POV- Last night was the best night ever,We all played truth or dare "Niall truth or dare" I asked "Dare!!" Niall screamed "okay I dare you to uhm..... Lick the TV!" I laughed and elbowed  Skys gently "Do it!" we screamed "you and I mix, we can't be apart" I said, then I hugged her i was so happy we were Besties again "Oh!" I screamed  "now go disinfect your tongue before i kiss you!" Skys said, "oh you" i laughed and playfully punched her arm I stood up and ran into the kitchen because i didn't to be next Skys followed me and pulled me out, After we finished the game, I went out on the balcony and Skys followed me "when did you start smoking?" she asked me "ever since you left me i started hanging with Zayn" I replied "oh" I after all of that was over,We all headed to bed.    

-Skys' POV- The next morning I woke up to the usual breakfast, I ate and got dressed, since everybody was asleep i waked to the nearest Starbucks when some fans greeted me "your Niall's girlfriend!" one screamed "can we take a picture with you?" the other asked "sure i guess!" I replied, they gathered around me and smiled, I smiled and and said bye, I walked into Starbucks and got myself a Cappuccino and got shay an iced latte, When i got back home Shay was up "Hey" she said petting Dustin the puppy "Hey, I got your usual" I said "thanks" she said taking it, after Shay got out of her PJ's and into the normal  black skirt and  white tank top with some black converse, we took Dustin out for a walk "so,How is it between you and Harry?" I asked "eh,when we talk he's kinda weird, Kinda romantic, so I guess you can say ok" Shay said.                                      

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