Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


23. The third wheel on my birthday -Part 4-

-Shay's POV- I woke up the next morning and went to check up on skys "She's gone, SHE'S GONE!" i screamed panicking, Harry and Niall both walked in sleepy "who's gone?" Niall asked "Skys!" I said, I ran into Liam's room to see if he was there, because I know, Skys will only go to Liam  if something was wrong, I drove to Starbucks and found them there "Skys!" I ran in, she looked like she just cried "what's wrong?" I asked frowning "P-Paisley called me a piece of crap and said i need to break up with Niall" She burst into tears, I hugged her, Fresh tears hit my shirt, I didn't care, Paisley came in "oh hey Shay!" She said all happy "Leave! you don't deserve my friendship, why don't you go back to where ever you came from! your the piece of crap! you stupid bitch" I said, Liam looked at me surprised so did skys, I put my hand over my mouth, I never swore before, Paisley was tearing up and ran away.

-Skys' POV- Shay drove us home, When we got there Niall was hugging Paisley "how could you Shay" he said giving her a glare, She didn't say anything but just ran to her room "Niall! she was just standing up for me!" I screamed and ran after Shay, she was sitting there looking confused, I left her alone and walked back to Niall "hey..." Daniel said walking in "where's Shay?" He asked "in her room" I replied.

-Daniel's POV- I walked to Shay's room and sat down "I s-swore" She said looking up at me "we all do Shay" I said trying to comfort her "on the bright side, I'm dating Alex" "Oh Daniel, I missed you so much" She said smiling and hugged me, we walked into the living room and sat down "so why did you call her a bitch Shay?" Niall asked "PAISLEY CALLED MY BEST FRIEND AND PIECE OF CRAP AND SAID SHE NEEDS TO BREAK UP WITH YOU!" she yelled "Is that true?" Niall said looking confused "no!" Paisley screamed.

-Shay's POV- I looked at Skys who was looking at Niall with pleading eyes, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer, I sat on the counter and watched them as I blacked out.

-Skys' POV- we heard a slam on the floor and I ran over to Shay "She's out!" I yelled trying to wake her up

-At the hospital-

"I hope she's okay,I hope she's okay" I sad pacing. "Don't worry,she'll be fine" Niall said. "Are you sure!" I said in a mad tone. "Why are you so angry?" "I don't know,you answer for me Niall?!" "Okay..." "Oh I am so pissed at you right now Paisley!" "Why are you angry at her?Tell me the whole story" "Fine.heres the story


"Hi,look I;m sorry for what I said earlier,I was just sad." I said looking down. "It`s okay but seriously you didn`t have to be so bitchy  lol." Paisley  said with a smirk."Excuse me?" "Well,lets be honest,you always bitch at me for some reason." "Okay well sorry for that then?" "Yeah any who,STAY away from Niall.I love him more than you,I`d treat him right.I hate you!" "What the hell!You don`t own him you know." "I know but still.You are just a piece of crap,do you understand?Now don`t say anything about this convo or you will pay,alright?Oh and,keep cutting and dump Niall,he`ll just go to me to repair his heart." "But-" "No buts,just DUMP!" That was it. 

-End of Flash back-

"I don't  believe it."Niall said. "But,Niall!" I said with tears. "Wait,She's telling the truth!I over heard it." Liam said.I was surprised. Liam never eased-dropped. "Really?" Niall siad. "Yes,now I tell the truth so,yeah." "Thank you!" I mouthed Liam.The doctor finally came telling us she was okay,she just has to rest.We got Shay and headed home,I saw that Shay was sleepy and fell asleep in the car,Harry had to carry her up.







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