Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


22. The third wheel on my birthday -Part 3-


-Skys POV- The party was so much fun.My sisters came in,a old friend came in,I got the things I`ve wanted.That day was perfect."Hey,wanna hang out just us" Paisley said "Sure!" Shay said."Hey guys.Can I come?" I said "Uhh..umm sorry but maybe just Shay." "Oh,okay.Have fun."I said kind of hurt."Ya okay lets go!" she said.The day was boring.I hoped it got better.

-Alexandra`s POV- It was another lazy day and I was really bored.I decided to ask Daniel if he wanted to gets some coffee`s with me.He said sure and that made me so happy.I had a huge crush on him.While we were walking,some girl came and started to flirt with Daniel.I was so pissed.I just kept on walking."Why`d you leave?"Daniel said confused."You were busy with that girl so I thought you can catch up." I said "Oh,well she was so annoying,she kept flirting and she tried to kiss me.I hate girly-girls.I like girls" He said blushing."You have a crush on me too?"I said happily "Yeah,wait.You like me too?" "Yes." "You..wanna go..out?" "YES!" I said so happy.

-Harry's POV-"Hey,where's Shay?"I said to Skys "Out with Paisley."She said "Oh,you didn't want to go?" "I wasn't invited." "Oh,I see where are the others?"  "Alexandra and Daniel are on a date. Louis,Eleanor,Zayn,Perrie,Liam and Danielle are on a 'triple date',the brat is sleeping and Niall is in the shower." "Ok,you want some eggs and bacon?" "Sure i guess,thanks." "Yup.Oh and Paisley is..uhhh...never mind I forgot." "Whatever."

-Niall's POV-When I was done having a shower I headed downstairs."Whats wrong love?"I said to Skys "Oh nothing just bored."She said "Okay." I said. I knew something was up and i wondered what."Hey we're home!" Shay said dropping two bags on the ground. "Hi." Skys said walking up to our room and slamming the door."Sheesh whats her problem.anyway,lets go get coffee!"Paisley said  "But we just got wah-"Shay said getting pulled. I went the the bedroom to see what was wrong and I saw something that scared me. "Why? Why do you have a knife?"I said with tears streaming down my face. "I-I can explain,I've been cutting for a while." "Why though?" "I been getting depressed after I found out about what happened to my mom."She said starting to cry too. "She,died.Of cancer!" she said exploding with tears. "Oh My God! There's my pho-oh hey guys!"Paisley said all happy. "Whats wrong? Are you crying because I didn't allow you to come?Wow,drama queen much lol!" "GET THE HELL OUT YOU PIECE OF CRAP! I AM NOT IN THE MOOD.MY MOM IS DEAD THAT'S WHY THE TEARS!" Sky said screaming like crazy. "Sheesh sorry,I just needed my phone.." Paisley said grabbing her phone and backing out of the room. "So I'm sorry about what happened Skys. Things will get better.Okay?Just have some sleep."I said kissing her on the forehead "Okay." "Good,good night,love." "Good night."

-June's POV- When I finally woke up,everyone was out,except Skys.She was still sleeping.I decided to go  to her room and I saw blood on the floor. I was so shocked from what I see.She had a knife in her hand and I guessed she was too depressed.The knife fell to the ground and there it was,blood all over her hand. First I checked if she was still breathing,she was,she was okay.Then I called an ambulance and called the others home. *HONK! HONK* I guessed they were here. "Get in the car!" Alex said. "Coming!" 


~Liam's POV~While we were at the hospital,everyone was quiet.No one left their spot,we asides from Shay.She was worried,no,like really worried.She kept walking up and down the hall saying "I hope she's okay,I hope she's okay." Niall just covered his face with is hands.Harry was worried as also,Louis tried to be happy so he wont be sad about what happened but it didn't work,Zayn was sad,I was sad too,Alex and June were shocked that she was cutting, and Paisley was just texting she got up and didn't notice the table and bumped into it. "AHHHHH I AM IN PAIN!!!" She said awkwardly. Harry Just smirked and Paisley gave him a death glare. "Okay,She is okay she just cut too deep,but she can go home tonight.She will have to wear a bandage so the cut will heal.There will be a scar,and that's it.You are free to see her and take her home." the doctor said to us. "Okay,Thank you." Niall said wiping his tears away."Hey guys!" Sky said happily. "OH MY GOD are you okay!?!?" Shay said hugging Skys. "Yes I'm fine." "How does your arm feel babe?" Niall said "Just numb" `Why`d you do it?"  "I-I don`t want to talk about it." "Well,lets head home,we had enough drama for today." I said. Skys quickly changed and Paisley was walking out of the bathroom heading to the room Skys was in I was listening to everything they said."Hi,look I;m sorry for what I said earlier,I was just sad." Skys said looking down. "It`s okay but seriously you didn`t have to be so bitchy  lol." Paisley  said with a smirk."Excuse me?" "Well,lets be honest,you always bitch at me for some reason." "Okay well sorry for that then?" "Yeah any who,STAY away from Niall.I love him more than you,I`d treat him right.I hate you!" "What the hell!You don`t own him you know." "I know but still.You are just a piece of crap,do you understand?Now don`t say anything about this convosation or you will pay,alright?Oh and,keep cutting and dump Niall,he`ll just go to me to repair his heart." "But-" "No buts,just DUMP!" That was it.That was horrible!I quickly rushed to the car so they wont notice I was listening.They finally came and I saw Skys looked like she was crying.  "Okay.Lets go." Skys said.


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