Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


21. The third wheel on my birthday -Part 2-

-Skys`POV- I finally got home from hanging out with Paisley and I saw a bunch of presents on the coffee table in the living room. "Are those for me?"I said "Yes they are,babe" Niall said kissing me on the cheek."LET THE SPIN THE BOTTLE BEGIN,AFTER PRESENTS!Ohh mee first!" Louis said all happy.Louis gave me an outfit that looks like his, Harry got me an art kit, Liam gave me Batman PJ's, Zayn gave me their onseies, Niall gave me two tickets to Hawaii never expiring  tickets, Alexandra and June got me a mini purple lava lamp, Daniel gave me a black angry bird but i named him Bomber, Shay got me a tub of nail polish "search through the nail polish" Shay said, So i searched through and found a gold necklace with my name on it "Oh my carrots! thank you so much!" After we played spin the bottle "Lou, birthday girl first" Shay said  pointing at me, Louis gave me the bottle and I spun, when it stopped I looked up and saw Niall, we were about to kiss when June came in "I want to play" She stomped her foot and started to cry, "Shay Hit her" I said and then we kissed,I heard June say Ow! and run away, Niall spun and it landed on Shay "uhm.. No" Shay said "Agreed" Niall replied, When shay spun It landed on Harry, she looked up and went for it then June came back and Shay was crawling over to harry when She kicked her butt I mean it literally, She fell over then got up and ran after her "YOU WILL PAY JUNE SUMMER GREY!!" she yelled then came back and sat down.

-Shay's POV- when I sat back down Louis started yelling "KISS!KISS!KISS!" "Fine" i said then we kissed, After the game Harry, Niall and Skys started chasing me,I ran out on the balcony when they weren't looking so I hid behind our barbeque and I was freezing "cold!!!" I yelled as I ran in "There she is!" Niall yelled as he tackled me "Niall get off of me!" I yelled trying to get him off "Ha ha okay Niall get off my friend."Skys said helping me up.

-Paisley's POV-The party was fun then it started to get boring. Ugh...Skys made me sick now,like we use to be best friends now i hate her guts.I like she is my friends but hell no.I have a crush on Niall,like, a BIG crush.I'd love him more than Skys.Thats why I made a fake twitter account and made up a rumor.Yes that's right.I'm Amanda Blake.


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