Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


20. The third wheel on my birthday -Part 1-

-Skys' POV- I rushed to the airport to pick up my sister's, I grabbed the keys and rushed to the car, when I finally got there, I couldn't find them, I asked a blonde haired girl if they saw a brunette anywhere "Oh, it's you!" She said hugging me "Where's Alexandra?" I asked her "With Daniel and Paisley" She replied pointing to my little sister and Shay's little brother "let's go!" I said and ran their way, "Hey" I said waving at them "Hey" Alexandra said "How's it going?" Daniel asked me "good" I replied, after we all said hey, we went back home "Little bro! where have you been!?" Shay yelled and ran to hug him "I've been at home!" he yelled back at her, After everybody said their hello's, We left to go get some lunch but Daniel stayed at home.

-Daniel's POV- The girl's went out to lunch and I stayed home and watched TV, About and hour later five guys walked into the apartment "Who are you?" The guy with curly brown hair asked me "I'm Daniel Marie, Who are you?" I asked him standing up "I'm Harry Styles, Shay's Boyfriend" he said walking up to me "and why are you in my apartment?" He asked me "My sister brought me here" I said backing up a little "Sister? you mean Shaylynn?"  He asked looking back at the rest of the guys "Yes,Shaylynn" I said, then he went into the kitchen

-Harry's POV- I walked into the kitchen and called Shay "Hello" she answered "A brother! you never told me you had a brother!" I yelled into the phone "you can't expect me to tell you everything harry!" she yelled back, After the boys and I got to know Daniel we all played Mortal Kombat "We're home!" we heard somebody yell "Hey Shay" I said, She walked over to us and took the Xbox remote away from me, she paused the game and told us to look over there "this is June and Alexandra, My little sister's" Sky's said "Hi" We all said,June got extra close to me I don't know why "JUNE!!! AWAY FROM HARRY RIGHT NOW!!!!" she yelled at her "Why? He's my new boyfriend" June said all pleased with herself "YOUR BOYFRIEND?!?!?!? HE'S MINE SISTA!!!!" she yelled at her then they started wrestling on the ground "Shay! she was joking" I yelled trying to calm her down, She stopped hurting June and went to sit down on the couch.

-Shay's POV- I sat down on the couch and tried not to hurt her again until my brother pissed me off "Why are you so  aggressive today?" Daniel asked "Cuz' Daniel now shut up" I said "I asked you a question, now answer me!" he said standing up "I am your older sister I don't have to answer you" I said walking toward him "Yes you do" He said flicking me "Don't flick me Daniel, you know what will happen and mom isn't here to help you" I said "I'm stronger" He flexed "Dude I can break your little scrawny arms" I yelled into his face "No you can't!" he yelled back "ok you know what I'm done with you!" I yelled as I walked away.

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