Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


10. The movies is where I take you back

-Skys' POV- We finally arrive at the movies.Niall and I went to get the popcorn and drinks, The walk was very quiet asides from the backround noise.I decided to brake the silence "Yes." "Yes what?"Niall said  "I forgive you,just promise not to get so drunk" I said smiling. "Skylar Grey, you made me the happiest Irish boy alive!!" Niall said kissing me on the cheek. When the movie was over,I decided I get Niall to sleep over,it was a good thing I had a queen-sized bed.Niall made some spahgetti for dinner and it was good.We finally headed to bed,as he wrapped his arms around me, he whispered in my ear saying "I promise I will never hurt you,I promise.Please don't leave me and always be my princess."

-Niall's POV- When I woke up,I saw the most beautiful girl in my arms "Morning." Skys said smiling. "Morning,beautiful." I said staring into her hazel eyes. We finally got up and decided to head to the other apartment to see the others."Hey guys,want some pancakes?"Louis said flipping one."I'll pass but thanks" Skys said smiling. "Me too" I said. "Hey mate,I see you and Skys are back together,you guys made a good couple."Harry said smiling.Everyone was happy about me and Skys being back together,but Shay.She seemed to hate Skys guts,I decided to talk to her while Skys,Louis,Liam and, Zayn went shopping."Hey Shay."I said "Hey,what up?"she said "Nothing much.Um,why are you mad at Skys?" "Uh I'm not sure we just got in a fight and she moved." Shay said a little sadly "Maybe it's time you guys make up."I said smiling "Maybe..Uh, Niall." "Yeah?" "Thanks."

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