Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


16. The Halloween dance

-Shay's POV- When we got home we were all getting ready for the dance when Skys came up behind me and screamed "BOO!" "AHHHH...WHAT THE HELL YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME!!" "He he sorry." I straiten my hair and put on my halloween make-up and put my fangs in and put my costume on I was all ready.

-Skys POV-I put my hair in a pony-tail and let some red streaks of hair down.I put on my costume and I put on my red lipstick.I put on my devil head band and devil tail and that was it.I was done.

~At the dance~

-Niall's POV- We all danced and sang to all songs,it was so much fun."Okay,we are going to slow things down now with One direction's new hit Little Things!"  "Care to dance?" I said to Skys holding out my hand "Sure!"Skys said grabbing my hand we danced and when my part came on  Skys said "This is my favourite part of the whole song.I love you."  "I love you too." I said back.

-Harry's POV- After Little things was done,the D.j played They don't know about us,another one of our songs "Wanna dance?" I whispered in Shay's ear. "Sure,cutie!" she said. We danced to the song and in the middle of the song Shay said "I love you.Don't leave me,I love you way too much for this relationship to end.Please don't leave me." "I love you too and I will never leave you." I said. After that,the dance was over,and we headed home.

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