Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


9. The friend-ending fight

-Shay's POV- I walked down the stairs and found harry with is face buried in hands "hey you alright?" i asked him "yeah I'm fine" he said looking at me "look Hazza I forgive you, I know I was overreacting but the only thing is that I love you" I said "you do?" he asked standing up "I do, I really do" i said, I walked closer to him and put my hands around his neck, He put his hands on my waist and kissed me like before on the balcony. I smiled at him after I broke off the kiss "so now can you be my Girlfriend?" he asked "yes, yes I will be your girlfriend" I said and kissed his cheek. After that I walked into the kitchen and got and ice tea from the fridge. I sipped on the cold tea and in came miss perf "Niall wants me to forgive him" she said "why don't you?" I asked "after he kissed her! no way!" she exclaimed "well I gave harry a chance and became his girlfriend" i said "you did what?!" she yelled at me "yeah deal with it, Harry and I are an item now!" i yelled back at her "oh by the way harry said that you called me the drama momma" she said "yes, yes i did call you that because you always cause drama around here!" i replied "no I don't!" she said and pulled a strand of my hair "ouch!" i yelled and stormed off

-Skys' POV- I didn't want to do anything with anyone, I either move or get an apartment, I decided to get an apartment just in case i get an apology from someone *ehem* Shay. I went to the lobby to talk to the guy at the front desk, He said the only room left was next to them,307. So i took it. He said since I was young i can take it for free, I thought it was gonna be good having my own apartment.I started to pack my stuff when she came in, I ignored her then she asked me where i was going, I said moving out. When I finally arrived at my new apartment, I didn't feel like unpacking so i went next door to watch some TV, Until everybody came out and zayn asked me if i wanted to go to the movies with them, I said "sure, what movie?" "you'll find out when we get there" Shay said in a mean tone "that sounds like a great movie! now tell me the real name" i replied "The guilt trip" Niall says.


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