Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


5. The Beach and drunk birthday

-Niall's POV-  The beach was beautiful but the most beautiful thing i saw there was Skys. I decided to tell her how i feel when we got back home. But right now all i could think of was swimming, The girls revealed their bikinis and jumped in while harry and I where sitting on our towels. We jumped in right after.The beach was closing and we ran into the washrooms and stayed all night long.  We slept in the car and the next morning we got dressed and headed home.

-Skys' POV- We got home and Niall got me alone and told me "this is kinda embracing but i think I'm in love with you" Niall said, Right then and there i kissed him not knowing what was gonna happen "for your very early birthday present i want you to be my Girlfriend" Niall said "yes! yes I'll be your girlfriend!" i screamed very happily. We went to open gifts for Shay's birthday, Niall gave her a card and got her a new dress, a coral sundress with a little white vest and Harry's gift kinda matched the outfit, a white Micheal Jackson hat and Zayn got her a Iphone 5, a white one with a one direction case and Louis gave her a striped blue shirt with red jean shorts and black suspenders, Liam gave her a puppy, a border collie and I got her a matching bracelet, anklet and necklace they all said FRIENDS and they were all silver "thanks you guys!" Shay said.

-Shay's POV- After I got all my gifts we got changed, I wore the outfit that Louis gave me with some black toms, I curled my hair a little at the bottom, Skys wore a simple pink neon tank top and black skinnies with tanned uggs. I put on my anklet that skys gave me and she put on the bracelet.We all went to a bar. When we got there i ordered a beer and danced a lot. Everybody was drunk but me and Skys and Liam,we talked about how much we started to like the guys "I guess I like harry a little" I said "I guess it was meant to be, oh and Niall and I are dating now" She said happily "BRB" I said and walked away. I found Niall and he was not alone, His lips were pressed against another girls lips, I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him away "what do you think your doing?" i asked him "what are you talking about, I'm with my girlfriend" He said, I ran back to Skys "your man is up against another" I said grabbing a seat, She pointed to something,i turned around and there was my nightmare,The one I liked kissing the one i disliked on my special day. After Skys was outta shock from seeing the mess I told her what happened "so i talked to Niall" i said "and he said he was with his girlfriend, he was either drunk or cheating on you" i said calmly, She burst into tears and we left with Liam, Zayn and Louis.

-Skys' POV- When we got home I went straight to bed, I didn't want to talk about it, I was devastated.


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