Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


19. Still hate and a birthday surpise

-Zayn's POV-The girls came home and Skys was sad.I decided I make us all some lunch."So,Hot .dogs?" "Sure!" everyone said.after we ate the hot dogs we decided we all catch a movie."Lets go see..uhhh..MONSTERS INC.!!!!" Niall and Skys shouted."SURE!!" everyone shouted back.


-Niall POV-After the movie was done we headed home and Skys checked her twitter "I feel so hated!" She yelled "why do you feel so hated,Love?" I asked her "so many hate tweets!" she replied "Don't worry.Just ignore them." I said hugging her "!Shay come here!" "What happened now." Shay said calmly. "Thanks for standing up for me,but now your getting hate." "What!No way OHM-GEE! seriously,wow."Shay said looking like she didn't care.


-Skys' POV-"Skys,wake up."Niall said "I'm up.Wait what time is it?"I said "You slept in,,it's 11:15am." Niall said "Oh,thanks for waking me up,Niall." 'New Text Message.' "Huh?" June: Hey,sis' I'm coming into town. I'm almost here.I'll see you in a hour. :) Skys: Uh,okay I didn't even know you were coming into town. June:Oh, it was a birthday surpise.I'll see you."Oh crap! Better get ready!" I said running into the bathroom.I had a shower,Did my make up,and curled my hair.I put on a red tank top,my black skinnies and my brown uggs I was ready to see my sister

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