Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


1. Out of Californa and into London

-Skylar's POV- We boarded the plane together, just us two best friends. "Shay, come on Shay we're here!" While we grabbed a taxi,sitting there bored our favorite song comes on. We start singing with them then we arrived at our apartment. We ran in and Shay said "All of this space! just for us!" she took off her shoes and jacket and started twirling in the living room, "I want to get a tattoo let's go!" Shay screamed "Me too!" and we ran to get them. We found the closest tattoo shop and went in. Shay got a small tattoo on her wrist that said SHAY,I got my tattoo in the same spot and it said SKYS and while we were getting our tattoo's we heard some cute guys say "hey Niall,Harry I found you new girlfriends" we heard the guy with the black hair say "huh?" Shay and I said. We quickly got home because of our arms, they hurt. We walked inside our house and heard five voices, we checked our door number it was 306 that's correct. We forgot about our roommates because we couldn't afford our own apartment. We walked into the kitchen and snuck up behind these two boys "Hello" Shay said quickly the boy with the beanie on jumped a little and turned around "Hello who are you?" he said asking Shay "We're your roommates,I'm Shaylynn and this is Skylar, but we prefer Shay and Skys" Shay explained "roommates?" the boy with the blonde hair asked "yes roommates" I said "well I'm Harry and this is Niall" Said the one with the beanie. We walked into the living room and shay said "Hello I'm Shaylynn and this is Skylar" "but we prefer if you call us Shay and Skys" i said "Hello I'm Louis this is Zayn and Liam" Zayn immediately noticed my tattoo and looked at it.Shay and I left to get some coffee and came back really late all the boys were in bed. Shay and I went to bed also but we had to share a room good thing there was two beds or we would have been toast!

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