Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


15. Never been better!


-Shay's POV-Finally five weeks came and Skys and I got our casts off.When we got home our arms was weak,we decided to watch the boy play Call Of Duty for a while until our arms were okay.

-Harry's POV- It was starting to get late so we decided we all go to bed."I'll meet you in bed,Harry." Shay said heading to  the room."Okay sure thing."I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. " GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE!!!" Louis shouted "NIGHT ha ha" everyone shouted back "WILL YOU GUY SHUT UP! IT'S 2 AM!" Our neighbor shouted "YOU TOO!" Louis shouted.Louis is always is being,sassy of course ha ha.

-Skys' POV-When we woke up we relized that it was HALLOWEEN and that there was a school dance at some place I forgot the name of.After every one was up,we decided we go get a Halloween costume for the dance.We invited Eleanor,Danielle and,Perrie to come along,they eventually came and we left to go to 'Costume Palace.' We arrived and the girls and I went to the girls side and the boys went to their side.Shay was a vampire,Eleanor was a angel,Perrie was a Princess,Danielle was Wonder Woman and I was a devil.We were done it was a good thing they were appropriate for school. 

-Niall's POV- When we were picking out our costumes,I went to go see Skys to ask her to the dance."Hey,Skys. You wanna go to the dance with me?" "Yes! Well you didn't have to ask me, were dating." She said smiling "Well yeah,ha ha. I can't wait to see your costume." Everyone finally got a costume.Harry was a Vampire,Louis was Super man,Zayn was a prince,Liam was Batman and I was Devil. Everyone bought their costume and we all headed home to get ready.

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