Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


13. More fun!

-Harry's POV- When the girls came home with Dustin we decided we wake up the boys by jumping on their beds. Skys went to Liam and Zayn's room, I went to Niall and I's room, and Shay went to Louis' room. We jumped on their beds and screamed.We whacked them with pillows and eventually they got up asides from Zayn, he was a heavy sleeper.A few hours later Zayn woke up,everybody was laughing at him because we drew all over his face "My face aha ha ha ha ha!" He said laughing.'Any ways...VAS HAPPENIN'!!!"He said screaming all happily.

-Niall's POV-After we all hanged out I took Skys on a date.We went to Nando's and then we went to the park."I love you,you are the best girlfriend I've ever had.Stay with me forever."I said "I you too,you are the best boyfriend I've ever had.I'll stay with you forever if you promise me something."Skys said starting to blush."What is that,love?" I said starting to blush too. "Don't ever hurt me." "I wont,I promise." We kissed passionately then it started to rain.We quickly ran to the car and kissed some more before we went home.That was the best date I've ever had.

-Skys' POV- After the date,I told Shay all about it."N'aww that is soo cute!" She said all smiley. "Hehe yeah..come help me get my stuff" "YOUR MOVING BACK IN!!!!" "Yes but I'm sharing a room with Nialler though and you're sharing a room with Harry "Okay, HAZZA HERE I COME HA!" "Too much sugar?" "Yeah.Goodnight" "Goodnight."

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