Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


6. Heart broken

-Skys' POV-I finally woke up.I was in misery from last night.I headed downstairs until I found Niall,I didn't want to see or hear him at all.I ran back upstairs until he heard me,"Skys? You there?" Said Niall.I ignored him as I headed back to the bedroom.I was broken.

-Shay's POV-I couldn't sleep all night,I was stuck thinking about last night.I usually have a great birthday but,not this time.I was heart broken.I tried to forget about it by calling my mom it work but sometimes it didn't.

-Zayn's POV- Ever since I heard about what happened,I felt bad for Shay and Skys.I decided to call my girlfriend,Perrie and the other girls,so they can hang out together.When they finally came, Skys and Shay came out."Finally! Aha" "I-is Niall h-here..." Skys said starting to tear up"No,he went out" "Probably on a date"Shay mumbled."Oh,no he's with Harry,there trying to figure out why you guys are ignoring him." "Well he should know,seriously I am mad at him." "I see,go hang out with the other girls,maybe they will help you forget about them for a while,and maybe you guys will forgive them"I said with a friendly smile."WHY THE HELL WOULD I FORGIVE A CHEATER ZAYN!!! THIS BETTER WORK!!" Skys said yelling.


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