Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


18. Getting the hate tweets.

-Skys POV-After posting the video,we got a lot of viewers on it "Yes! we made 1,230 viewers,look at all the comments oh my carrots" I said smiling. "OHM-GEEE THAT'S AMAZAYN!" Shay said screaming in my ear. "Ow and I know right!" "GOOD NIGHT GUYS!" Shay screamed "Ha ha 'night!" everyone yelled back.


-Shay's POV- "AHHHHHH!!!" I heard a scream coming from the living room.Everyone rushed to the living room, "WHAT HAPPENED!! ARE YOU OKAY SKYS?!?"Everyone screamed "LOOK!" She screamed. "Oh...My...God"I said in shock Skys was getting hate tweets. "Why are you getting hate tweets?" "I don't know,but some one called me a penny." "What does penny mean?" Niall said. "Oh it means that I'm two-faced and in everyones pants.' I am not! I never had sex and I don't cheat!" "Oh,I see,we'll find out why your getting hate." Niall said kissing me on the cheek. I read the tweets on my phone and I found the problem.The rumor started,a girl named Amanda Blake said she was cheating on Niall and said other rumors. "Wanna go get some coffee at Starbucks?" I said. "Sure,I need my coffee ha ha."She said smiling.As we were half way there,we saw some fans "Look,it's Shay ...and..her..." some girl said. I saw Skys frowning.We finally got to Starbucks and got our coffee and we headed home.

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