Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


4. Gettin' ready

-Niall's POV-  When I woke up this morning,The first person I saw was Skys she was watching TV, I guess she cooked breakfast because Shay was sleeping in. "Morning Niall" she said all happy "morning" i said back. I grabbed a plate and put some pancakes on it, what can you expect it's a Saturday. After I ate I headed to the living room to watch TV with Skys, I decided to make my move, but then I guess she had to take a call, I was relieved, I was way to scared for her to turn me down.

-Harry's POV- I woke up still devastated from last night, I didn't feel like eating so I watched some TV to get my mind of off it, Then she came in, The problem on my mind "Hey have you seen Skys?" she asked me "no, I haven't" I replied quickly. She walked away and Niall came in "Hey Niall" I said staring at the TV screen "hey"he said and sat down.

-Shay's POV- I looked for skys everywhere, then I realized she might as well be on the balcony. I went outside and found her "I have been looking all over for you!" i tell her "I was to busy taking a call, Niall wanted to ask me something, can you go see what it was?" she said making a puppy dog face "okay, okay ha ha, puppy dog face always wins" I said and ran back inside. I found Niall and asked "hey what did you want to ask Skys?" "I wanted to ask her on a D-date" Niall said stuttering "Naww, you like her too!" i said "wait, what she likes me?" Niall asked, I ran back to Skys and told her "Niall wanted to ask you on a date!" I yelled "tell him i said...YES!" she yelled "I'm not you messenger go tell him yourself!" i said.

-Skys' POV- I walked up to Niall and he was watching TV, I guess he didn't notice me when i sat down,I said "yes, you finally noticed" "what, sorry i didn't hear you" Niall said "I said Yes" I replied "Yes to what?" Niall asked "The date!" I yelled, He started blushing "really?" he said softly "yes really, so where will you take me?" I asked "The beach at 6:30"  he replied. 5:30 time to get dressed, I hoped in the shower and got my make-up on. I left the door open when i was putting on my make-up,of course i was wearing my robe "i have the perfect dress for you!" Shay yelled "oh my carrots that's such a pretty dress!" i said. The dress was a nice ocean blue with some purple sparkles, It was short, a good amount of short. "will you come with me? please?" i asked Shay "Fine but i don't want to be the third wheel!" Shay exclaimed "Ok I'll call a friend" i said taking out my phone "a good friend?" Shay asked "yes, a very good friend" I said with an evil smile, Shay didn't notice she just got a dress from her dresser and went into the washroom pushing me out. I called our 'very good friend' Harry and asked if he would come, He also said yes and then and then as i hung up Shay came out with a short Coral dress kinda like mine but a little bit shorter "So, how does it look like?" Shay asked me "It looks adorbs!" I said giving her a hug "Thanks, How does my mess of dirty blonde curls look like" She asked posing "Cute and I love the Coral heels!" I said "now you go get dressed we don't wanna be late!" She yelled at me.

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