Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


8. Finally talking and weird dreams

-Skys' POV-When I woke up,I was feeling a little better,but I was still mad at Niall.I had a shower,did my make-up and put my hair in a braid.I put on a red t-shirt with,a black skirt and, my signature flats.I headed down stairs to have some cereal, when I spotted Niall.I didn't care if he saw me,I wanted food.When I reached the bottom of the stairs Niall saw me,oh no,ohh no I said in my head."h-hey,Skys,look I messed up,I was drunk I didn't know who I was kissing,I thought it was you,I love you.Please take me back,please." Niall said starting to cry. "Niall,I-I don't know,I'm mad from what you did,I'm not sure if I'm over the heart brake,give me sometime to figure out what to do and what to say." "Okay." He said calmly.

-Shay's POV-"Shayyyyyy....Shaaaayyyy" "Wh-what was that?" "Shaaaayy...." "What do you want?" "It's Harry,I'm gonna cheat on you forevvver!!!" "What?!?No,please,I love you." "Now that I hear that I wont cheat....or will I." "Shaaaaaaaaaayyy" "WHAT!!" "Be warned because once you get in a fight with the one who's been with you 24/7, life will start to get you down." "WHAT,NO!!!!!!THIS HAS TO  BE A DREAM!!!!" "Ahhhh I said waking up finally.I guessed I screamed too loud because I woke up the boys, "WHAT HAPPENED!!!"Liam said screaming. "Oh...sorry...I had a weird dream...." I said calmly. "Oh..a bad..dream?"Louis said. "Yeah..sorry again...."I said smiling "Oh I HATE those kind of dreams." said Liam


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