Same Mistakes*COMPLETED*

It's about facing the mistakes you make in life.


24. Finally out of trouble for now

-Shay's POV- I woke up not remembering what happened, I walked into the living room, Everybody was staring at me "Did I do something?" I asked curious "No,No" Skys said, I quickly walked past them and onto the balcony, I saw Harry talking to Mrs.Cara Delevingne, She was flirting but I didn't see rejecting, I walked down to where they were "Hey" I said smiling, putting my iPhone in my back pocket "Cara" I said giving her a glare "Nice to see you....Monika?" Cara said with smirk "Shay" I said walking away, she knew my name,I walked back in to see Daniel on the couch with a cuddled up Alex in his arms "Hmm...How long was I in a coma?" I asked confused he just laughed and she did too "Shit!" I quietly said, Harry took my phone "Give it back" I said "Give what back?" He joked "My phone!" I yelled, He gave it back,kissed my cheek and walked away "Look Cara, I don't care what you say, That boy is mine"I said "But he didn't say he-" I cut her off "Cara, your nice and all, but I'm dating him" I gave her a smirk,turned on my heel and walked off.

-Skys' POV- "We need to!" I tugged on Niall's shirt "We can't kick a kid out" He said "Please!?" I asked "Niall can you help me?" Shay asked walking in "Sure" He replied and they both walked away, I walked into paisley's room "Paisley, you have to move out, Ever since you came here you've ruined our lives" I said looking down "FINE! All I wanted to do is date Niall anyway" She yelled, She ran away and I went to Starbucks with Shay "Wow, I'm gonna Dye my hair!" She said "what color?" I asked "Legit Sky blue" She said smiling, When Shay got her hair done everybody was sitting there, bored "Let's play a game" Louis suggested "okay what game?" Harry asked, Then Shay walked in "HEY GUIEZ!" She yelled dropping her bag onto the floor, The boys were surprised but I wasn't "W-WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR!?" Daniel Screamed "I dyed it isn't It obvi!" She said sitting down next to me "Okay" He said and walked away, We burst into laughter "" Shay said gasping for breath "Skys can I talk to you?" Niall asked "Sure" I said walking away "Can we have a night to ourselves?" He asked, his blue eyes sparkling "Of course we can" I said smiling, I walked back and sat down awkwardly, next to HER "what's going on?" Niall asked "Paisley has something to say" Harry said "I'm moving back to where I lived before, Sorry to ruin your lives" She said and walked out the door, When she was gone Shay screamed "WOOO! she's gone!" "Yeah, But a part of me tells me she isn't" I said


-A\N- Hey guys so thanks for reading, we will start the new sequel and It will be awesome, This has been Same Mistakes. -ShayandSkys

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