Live while we're young (Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

It all starts from louis' birthday and when his old best friend shows up at his party, will he remember who she is and will he remember the relationship he had with her?
Will he fall for her again?


1. The big day

Louis' P.O.V


Well today is the big day!! IM 21 TODAY!! ugh... i'm old, i just want to be young and stay young but i can't thats so sad. As i woke up there was a note from the boys saying that that i have to be ready by 5:00pm and meet them at the local pub so that means that i'm going to shower after i have my breakfast then brush my teeth then relax and watch t.v until 4:30 then i have to get dressed and go and meet the boys at 5:00 because Hazza told me that all of us boys are going out somewhere and then we come home and relax wow what a boring day i thought to myself.


As i put on a striped t-shirt and beige trousers i go downstairs hoping to find the boys wishing me a happy birthday and giving presents but sadly no, no one was here best day of my life so far i began to think where they could be and what they are doing. I walked to the kitchen and got some cereal out and poured some milk then walked into the living room and sat down, put the t.v on to see what was on today and what i could watch... it's been 2 hours since i woke up and nobody has called,texted or even rang the doorbell. So as time past i looked on twitter on my timeline and saw people wishing me a happy birthday wow how nice that the directioners have tweeted me stuff and yet not the boys, not even Eleanor has tweeted me a happy birthday... some friends.



Now it was 3:30 and my phone began to vibrate in my pocket and as i answered it, was Hazza "Hello" i said "hey boobear how are you doing" "oh... im doing good apart from the fact that im home alone and no one is telling whats going on.. no yeah im great" i said sarcastically "im sorry boobear the boys and i were getting some things ready for tonight" " whats tonight?" i asked being very confused "remember.. all of us boys are going out tonight" "oh yeah" "Alright see you at 5:00 bye-bye" "okay then bye" then we hung up. hmm i wonder what their up to?



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