Live while we're young (Louis Tomlinson fan fiction)

It all starts from louis' birthday and when his old best friend shows up at his party, will he remember who she is and will he remember the relationship he had with her?
Will he fall for her again?


2. BIG surprise

Harry's P.O.V


Just got off the phone with boobear.

I can't tell what me and boys are because that will ruined the BIG surprise party that we have planned for him, you see, last year we did the same thing as we are going to do today but a little different but last year we accidently gave him hints and he overheard me and the boys talking about the party and so by the time we went to set everything up and surprise him, he already showed up waiting for us to show up which surprised us. This time me and the boys are going to make sure that Louis isn't around us when we discuss his party and to make sure that we DON'T give him hints and clues. I feel like this is gonna me the best party EVER!


I'm gonna call the others (not Louis), hmm... i'll call Niall first  Ring....Ring....Ring "E'llo" he says "Hey Niall" "Oh, hey Harry how are you?" "I'm fine you" "Good, so did you talk to Louis and did you make sure you didn't say anything about his party" "Yes i did talk to Louis and no i didn't tell anything about the party" " Okay good so what time are we gonna set everything up and get ready" "Um.. i think if we start at 4:00 then finish by 5:00 then when we finish we then hide when Louis arrives and yell 'SURPRISE' so yeah thats all" "Cool and um one last thing who are we going to invite?" "That's a good question" i chuckle "Right leave that to me while you and the boys set everything up" "Alright see you soon bye Haz" "Yeah you to bye Nialler" then we hung up. What Niall said left me thinking 'who ARE we gonna invited... well lets see we have me and the boys,Danielle,Eleanor (his ex but they are friends),his mum,his sisters,the band,paul,um i'll invite my mum and Gemma,Niall's mum,dad and brother Greg,Liam's mum and dad,his sisters Ruth and Nicola,Zayn's mum and dad,his three sisters Doniya,Waliyha and Safaa,Perrie and the rest of little mix.... hmmm..... Ooo i'll even invite Melissa his friend or should i say closest friend from doncaster now that will be a BIG surprise for Louis thats if he remembers who she is. Well thats it now i'm gonna call them.'



Louis P.O.V


Now it's 4:30 and i am ready to have fun with my friends but i still can't believe that the boys forgot about my birthday, i mean like it's not hard to forget my birthday which is a day before christmas and that is easy to remember.Not even my own mother and sisters say happy birthday to me, i'm their own son and brothter and I DON'T GET A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Now i'm getting pissed it's 4:45 so i better get a move on or otherwise i'm gonna be late...



Right i am here but i'm a bit early and i don't see the boys so i will just wait here for five more minutes then i will go inside even though i shouldn't because they forgot my birthday but still we treat each other like brothers. Five minutes have past so i better go in, anyway all we are going to do is probably have a drink,talk and get drunk thats it really.As i got out i saw a really cute girl walking into the pub 'damn she's really fit' i thought to myself but i must of said it out loud because she turned and looked at me with a smile, hmm she is really familiar do i know her anyway i'll find out later.


Niall's P.O.V


As we finish putting everything up we start to chat and thats when Melissa (Louis' best friend from Doncaster) walked in wearing a knee-length purple dress and black flats with her hair curled and she has some makeup. 'Man she looks hot' "Thanks Nialler" she said making me blush because i have obviously said it out loud "Y-your w-welcome" i stuttered yet smiled "H-" as soon as i was going to speak i heard a car door shut and looked at the clock, it was 5:05 and realised that Louis would be here so i shouted out "LOUIS IS HERE, EVERYBODY HIDE!!!" then i said to Melissa "Mel" she replied "Yeah" "come with me" so we both ran into a hiding spot but as i ran i also turned the light off then suddenly as i ran back i accidently ran into Mel and fell on top of her and we started laughing then we started into each others eyes for ten seconds and just as i was about to lean in and kiss her she said "Niall c-c-can you get off me your killing me" "Oh sorry" damn it so close.


Louis P.O.V


I walked into the pub and it was dark then as i found the light switch then as i switched the light on out of no where i heard "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!" and i see friends and family and i just smiled big and started to cry. They didn't forget my birthday, oh i'm so happy.


A/N: Hey guys sorry it took so long to update anyway if you have any ideas of what i can put in please tell and also if you want to have a part in this story then comment to name,age,whos girlfriend you want to be and your personality. Thanks. Melissa Styles


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