One And Only

Natalia has just moved to Cheshire all the way from the U.S and is starting a new life with her best friend Mary-Kate for all they know they'll just be touring around or will Natalia find her British hottie? find out in~ The One And Only


2. Morning



   i woke this morning not knowing where i was but then i remembered everything that had happen the last couple weeks im in the one and only Cheshire!! I turned to my left and saw a knocked out Mary-Kate sleeping on the end of my bed because she was scared to sleep in her room last night haha oh Mary. I quietly got out of bed and dressed in a cute navy blue lace dress that tightened at my waist line and flowed to my knees, and paired it with a pair of white flats and kept my hair in natural waves and  to finish it of a gold necklace with an 'N' on it my mum gave it to me before i left. After that i skipped to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, im not a fan of makeup very much i will where it once and awhile but not all the time. i didnt wear any this morning. Then i went back to theroom and woke up Mary with the best thing to wakeup to!! MUSIC i went on my phone and hit JBs new album and started playing "beauty and a beat" as loud as it could go! Then i started to sing along with it untill she got up and threw a pillow at me! " good morning sleepy head!" "shutup im tired!" "well get ready we have to go grocery shopping" "okay ill be down in 5 minutes okay?" "okay" i smiled at her sleepy face and headed down stairs.

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