One And Only

Natalia has just moved to Cheshire all the way from the U.S and is starting a new life with her best friend Mary-Kate for all they know they'll just be touring around or will Natalia find her British hottie? find out in~ The One And Only


4. "Hey Im Harry Harry Styles"


"Hey im Harry Harry Styles" he said it just kept repeating in my head like i was going wack! i Smiled and he smiled back the last couple minutes louis i think? got up and he said " Hello love whats your name? Im louis!" " Hi im Natalia! and nice to meet you lou!" i said with zest in my voice "nice to meet you too! and what a nice friend you got her!" i giggled and so did Mary-Kate. sadly the moment had to end because the had to get going :( "it was tons a fun meeting you here and i hope to see you soon!" harry said "same too you and ill see about that!" winking at him he made a huge grin on his face which made me giggle more after that i huged im and dont tell but i teased him and nibbled his ear as he did something in my pockets then i pulled from the hug and they left. that was AMAZING!! we left the market and i told Mary everythingand she told me everything it was so exicting not that we were fans but that we met famous people!! and she got louis number!! when we got home i ran upstairs to my room cause i was freaking out! and left it to Mary to put the food away thats what i always do. i threw my jacket on the rack and a slip fell out! i opened it up and it read "Hi Darling! I gave you my number beacause i want to meet up some time to 'hang out' haha 571-744-2756 -Harry xoxx"

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