One And Only

Natalia has just moved to Cheshire all the way from the U.S and is starting a new life with her best friend Mary-Kate for all they know they'll just be touring around or will Natalia find her British hottie? find out in~ The One And Only


3. Food Shopping

As i waited in the living room i decided to watch alittle tellie and the first thing on the news was One Direction i wasnt really a fan of them and neither was Mary. I mean we would sing along when their songs came on but we weren't TRUE fans. i watched for alittle until Mary came down " i gotta say you clean up well in 5 minutes" "i know it dosent take me awhole hour to get ready like you" " oh shush at least i come out looking good" "Sure" "lets just go" "okay then" Mary was wearing a pair of floral printed jeans i hollister top thats sleeves went to your elbows  and a pair of wedges. we buckled up and drove around untill we found a shopping food mart which took us a good 10 minutes. When we entered we were greeted with 'hellos' and 'good mornings' which seemed so friendly! we were searching for fruits when we heard a LOUD shriek!  coming from the veggie section we went to got check it out and i saw a teenage boy about my age with his friend who looked a little older, the older one wasthrowing a tantrum which looked so cute! and the other one was trying to calm him down as i approached  them Mary sat on the floor with thhe older one and started saying soothing things in his ear make him calm down and giggle and then i walked over to the other one and said " Hi im Natlia"i put out my hand to shake he gladly shook it and sid " Hey im Harry Harry Styles"     

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