One And Only

Natalia has just moved to Cheshire all the way from the U.S and is starting a new life with her best friend Mary-Kate for all they know they'll just be touring around or will Natalia find her British hottie? find out in~ The One And Only


1. About Me



     Hi im Natalia and ive just moved here to Cheshire, so i can tour around and see what its like beyond the US. So ill tell you alittle about me first off my names Natalia Clarie Anderson im part Irish and part american. Im 17 and 5'6 which is pretty good for my age and i have hazel brown hair and blue eyes, im mostly sporty but i can be really girly alot of times! Im an only child my mum and daddy live in LA and ive just moved to Cheshire with my bestfriend in the whole universe Mary-Kate. i met mary when we were 5 years young we met at a child care. And at that child care i had just moved to that daycare so i was new and all the kids would bug me but then comes Mary to the recue she was so confident she told those girls off and they never bugged me again after Mary and i stuck like glue.  i will never ever do anything to make my best friend feel unwanted.



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