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Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


12. You can't catch me

*Roxy's POV*

Lou came back with two bowls of popcorn. "I can't find any other snacks." Lou said as he set the popcorn down on the coffee table "Did you look in the cabnet labled snacks?" I asked him "I didn't see a cabnet that said snacks." "ugh okay come on Lou I will show you were the cabnet is." Lou and I walked into the kitchen. "It is right here Lou." I pointed to the huge cabnet that had a sign on it that said snacks. "Oh." I just rolled my eyes at Lou. I grabed a box of Pocky and Hot Tamales and Lou got one of everything. "Geez Lou got enough food." "No i don't think I do." Lou grab two more bags of chips. I laughed and walked out of the kitchen and sat next to Niall as he put his arm around me. "Are we finally going to watch this movie?" Zayn asked sounding annoyed. "Yeah press play." I said and opened up the box of Pocky. Niall reached his hand toward the box of Pocky. I playfully slapped his hand away. I looked up at his face and he had a sad and shocked face. "What?" I asked him. "Do I get one?" "Um... I don't think so." I said shaking my head with a smile. Niall gave me his puppy dog face. "The puppy dog look doesn't work on me." "What about when Harry was giving you the puppy dog lap he got what he wanted." "That is because he was sitting on me." after I said that Niall sat on my lap. "Really?" "Please?" "Fine." he smiled and got of my lap and took one a peice of Pocky.


(for everyone who doesn't know what Pocky is a Japanese snack food. They are chocolate-coated biscuit sticks I know they don't sound good but the are amazing. Anyways back to the story)

Half way through the movie I was almost sitting in Nialls lap. I had my head laying on his chest. I know I am a major chicken the movie wasn't that scary but with the movies that you have to wait for something to happen I make things worse then they are. That is what I was doing during this movie I was scaring myself more. When the movie finished I had my head in Niall's chest hiding my face. I acted like I was asleep even though Niall knew I wasn't asleep. I heard Harry wispering something to someone I didn't know who to for sure or what he was saying. It was quiet for a few seconds then out of the blue Lou and Harry screamed in my ears. I jumped up screaming too and ran to my room and slamed the door and locked the door. I slid down the door and sat on the floor. I heard all of the boys laughing at me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my bed and grab my laptop, phone, and IPod.

I opened up Facebook on my laptop and Twitter on my phone and played Pandora on my IPod. Breakeven by The Script was on when there was a light knock on the door. "Rox, you okay?" I couldn't tell who it was but I thought it was Niall so I decided to answer him "Yeah..." I told her. "Can I come in." "Yeah." "Will you unlock the door first." "I guess." I walked over to the door and unlocked it and Liam burst through the door and slamed it shut and locked it again. "What was that for?" "The lads started having a water fight and they all ganged up on me and they also were throwing spoons at me, so I needed a place to hide." "And my room was the only option?" I asked him with a confused look on my face. "No it was just the first room I ran to and I didn't want to sit alone in a room forever." "Oh, makes sence." I turned and walked back over to my bed and put the laptop on my lap on continued looking through Facebook. "So what ya doin?" Liam asked sitting on the end of my bed. "I am just on Facebook and Twitter." "Oh sweet." "LIAM! OH LIAM! COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!" all the boys yelled most likly looking through the house for him. "Oh no hide me." "Liam the doors locked the aren't going to get in." then we heard pounding on the door. "Oh no they are going to break in, Liam follow me." we jumped off of my bed and ran over to my closet. "They are going to find us in here." "No they won't just follow me." I grabed the little chair I had in my room from my desk and stode up on it and pushed up on the ceiling in my closet. The hiden square moved and I pushed it out of the way. "Come on Liam." I crawled up and into the 'attic' Liam followed shortly after. I moved the square back where it was. I started crawling quietly through the 'attic' and Liam was following closely behind. I stopped then pushed up on the roof again and another square cut out moved up and I crawled up onto the roof and Liam followed. "How did you know those were there?" Liam asked me as we sat on the roof and looked up at the sky. "I put them there I cut the hole in my ceiling so that when I wanted to be alone I could be. Then later I cut the hole in the roof so that I could get some fresh air and now when I want to get away I just sit up here and look up at the sky." "It is pretty." "I love looking up at the stars and the moon." "I have never seen the stars so bright before." "Yeah when I used to live with my mom...." I trailed off thinking of her. "Hey Roxy whats wrong?" "It's nothing." "It's something when two people sitting on a roof looking up at the sky and talking and one just trails off when they are talking." I laughed when he said that. "I just miss my mom we used to sit on our roof and look up at the stars when we were at our house that was by a lake so you would her the soft noice that the water would make as the wind blow. We would also watch the trees sway in the wind and the star's light dance on the lake with the moon and it was always so magical." "I bet." I heared the front door open below us. "Where could he be?" Louis asked Harry. "I don't know we looked through the whole house." Harry answered Lou. "Lads have you seen Rox?" Niall asked in a worried tone. "I thought she was in her room." "She wasn't Zayn and I broke into her room and she wasn't there her door was locked but she wasn't in there." "Maybe her and Liam ran away together." "I hope not." Niall said in a sad tone. I looked over at Liam and we both smiled at each other trying not to laugh at them. "I have an idea." I wispered my idea to Liam and he nodded in agrement. We crawled to the other side of the house and talked loudly to get the boys back and trick them. "Okay Liam I will meet you at the pond at the park in 10 mins." I said loudly so the boys would hear. "Alright see you there." Liam said back "They are going to the park lets go lads." Liam and I peeked over the roof were the boys were and we seen them get into the car and drive off. We both went back into the attic and back into my room. "So what now?" Liam asked "Okay lock every door and window in the house you get this floor and I will get the front door downstairs and the movie theater." "There is a door in the movie theater?" "Yeah." "I had no clue." Yeah it just blends into the wall." "Huh." "We are wasting time okay lets go." Liam and I raced throw the house and locked every door and window when we finished the boys' car pulled up and they got out. Liam and I ran back up onto the roof and listend to what they were saying


"They tricked us they weren't at the park." Harry said as all the boys walked to the front door. "I wounder where they are." Zayn said. Lou was looking around seeing if he could find us and Niall was looking down at the ground. "Hey Niall whats wrong." Lou asked. "She left." Niall replied "What?" the rest of the boys said as they stopped at the front door to confort Niall. "She left me. I can't beilive Roxy left me." "Niall she didn't leave you her and Liam are just playing a sick joke on us." Harry said as her rubbed Niall's back. "Lets just go inside and try to find them they have to be here somewhere." Harry said as he went to open the front door. "What the heck?" "What" Lou asked "The front door won't open it's locked." Harry said as he continued to try and open the door. "Lets try the sliding door in the back." Lou said and they walked to the back door. They tryed to open it. "This ones locked too." Lou pointed out. "How are we going to get in?" Niall asked "There has to be a way." Zayn said as he looked around. Zayn looked up and he seen Liam and I looking over the edge at them.

Zayn: "Are you kidding me?"

Lou: "What?"

Zayn: "Look up."

All of the boys looked up and I waved at them. "Hey boys." I shouted down to them. "Have you guys been here the whole time?" Harry asked "Yeah first we were in my room then up here then back in the house and now we are here." "So you two locked all of the doors?" "Yep" I said popping the 'p' at the end. "ROXY!" Niall shouted excitedly up at me. "NIALL!" I shouted back down to him. "You didn't leave me." "Why would I leave you." "I don't know." "Well I'm not going to leave the best guy ever." Niall looked at the ground blushing. "Well you love birds just stop and let us in." Lou yelled sounded annoyed. "Liam do you have your phone on you?" "Yeah..?" "Can I borrow it to text Niall real fast." "Yeah sure." Liam handed me his phone. I looked through for Niall's name. I found it and texted him. 'Hey Niall it's Rox I will let you just dont tell the boys I am going to trick them to go to the front door but you stay in the back and I will unlock that door to let you in. Okay?' I sent the text and a few seconds later Niall grabed his phone out of his pocket and read the text he nodded. "Okay boys go to the front door and I'll let you in." I said to them and they started to walk to the front door. "It's about time." They all said. I got down from the roof and walked through my room to the back door and unlocked it and let Niall in. He wrapped me up in a hug. "I missed you too Naill but will you let me go so I can lock this door again." "I guess." He put me down and I locked the door and dragged him to my room back up to the roof. "Where are we going?" Niall asked as I got on the chair still in my closet and crawled up. "Just come on." He followed me and we got on the roof and I looked down at the boys. "I thought you were going to let us in?" Zayn yelled up at me. I just shugged my shoulders and smiled. "Roxy when we get inside you will regret locking us out." "Okay nice to know I hope you guys stay warm outside." "Roxy please just let us in." Lou asked. "No you chased Liam around the house with spoons." "We are sorry." Lou said "I'm not it was funny." Harry said and Zayn agreed. Lou turned around and slaped both of them. "I am trying to get us back in." He 'wispered' to them even though we could here them. "Fine I guess I'll let you back in but if you chase Liam around with spoons again I will lock you outside and not let you back in. Deal?" "Deal." they all said. Niall, Liam and I got off the roof and I put everything in my room back to the way it was and unlocked the front door and let the rest of the boys in. "You are such a jerk." they all said as the walked in. "I love you guys too."


Hello all you awesome people I wrote you all a long chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. I might have a chapter in 'The Fighter' up tonight not sure yet but be looking out for it. Thanks for reading so far.


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