Give me Love

Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


3. The Big News (part 2)

"Yeah I'm fine." as I looked at who said that. He had lovley green eyes and curly hair and had Moon on his lap petting her as she slept. "Who are you guys?" I asked as I looked at all of them then my dad."Honey this is the band that will be staying with us. There is Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Niall." as I looked at them learning their names at the same time I seen Louis wave to me I waved back Liam smiled and said Hey Harry gave a very flirty smile. I didn't know how to react so I just gave him a small smile. Zayn just smiled and Niall I swear was checking me out. I shot him a 'seriously' look and he just smiled. Guys what are you going to do with them.

My dad left the room leaving me with all of them to get to know them. "So tell me about you guys." I said as I sat in the leather single chair sitting next to Louis."Um well we are from London except for Niall he is from Ireland.""Oh okay nice to know.""Yeah and we got put in a group on The X Factor and now we are here.""Cool.""So tell us about yourself.""Oh, well my mom died when I was 3 after getting into a car crash and I have never known my dad tell that day and my brother is married and has 2 kids Lucy and Mark and not much else to say I have met a lot of bands and yeah other than that it is pretty boring.""Are you dating anyone?" Niall asked. Everyone looked at him for a second then back at me. "Uh....No I don't" Niall just layed back more relaxed in the chair he was sitting in and smiled to himself. Okay "So what do you guys like such as movie or activitys to do?" "I like cats." Harry said hugging Moon."I like Toy Story." Liam said."I LOVE CARROTS." Louis basicly screamed in my ear."Hey Louis.." I wispered as he came closer to hear me I screamed "YOU DON'T NEED TO YELL!" We both laughed. "I like just hangin out chillin with friends." Zayn said. I looked over at Niall waiting for him to answer my question bad idea. I looked straight into his baby blue eyes I died inside.'No Roxy you can't fall in love with him you lost to much trust doing that. But he was so sweet. NO STOP.' "I like playin guitar." Niall said with a smile."oh really awesome I always wanted to learn to play guitar but I never had the time to or a guitar.""maybe I could teach ya some time." Niall said with a wink. I blushed like a freak why did I have to do that. Louis looked at me and yelled "AH ROXY YOUR BLUSHING!!!!!"" SHUT UP LOUIS I AM NOT!" I screamed back covering my face."Yeah your blushing really badly there Roxy." Laim said. "I know." We sat there and talked and then watched the telly for a little bit. "I'm hungry anyone else?" I asked. Everybody said no excpet Niall. "Okay I will bring back some food for us." I said as I walked out of the living room to go to the kitchen.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

She was so beautiful. I think I am falling for her. When she left the room to go get some food Liam came and sat by me."You like her don't you?""Is it that noticable?""Yeah and I think she likes you too." Liam said giving me a little shove. I was about to say something else but then Roxy walked back in the room. "Here we go we don't have that much but I got what we had." She brought in Oreos,a bag of grippos (don't know what those are but they sound good) and some candy and pop."FOOD!" I  screamed and got some oreos and so skittles."Thanks." I said as I ate some oreos. "Oh and here Louis." she throw a bag of carrots at him." His face lit up "CARROTS!" We all laughed and we couldn't stop laughing as Louis hugged the bag of carrots."I AM BEING REPLACED BY A BAG OF CARROTS?" Harry said with a sad face as he got up was acting sad walking out of the room."NO wait I Harry!" Roxy was laughing so hard she almost fell out of her chair. She had such a cute laugh. "Wait come back boobear" Louis called as he ran after Harry and gave him a hug."I sorry." Louis said sadly."So I am not being replaced by a bag of carrots?" Harry asked."No you are not being replaced by a bag of carrots.""YAY" they both walked back in to living room "What was that about?" Roxy asked "They have a MAJOR bromance." Zayn told her "Oh I get it now." We all started laughing again then Roxy's dad walked in "What is going on in here first I hear screaming then yelling then some crying and laughing?""It's nothing dad Louis and Harry had a moment that's it." Roxy told her dad "okay now don't get to crazy while I am gone I have to go to the studio will you guys be okay if I leave? No one is going to die or the house isn't going to get set on fire.""No it will be okay dad go." Roxy said as she was pushing her dad out of the room. "Alright see ya in a little bit." "Bye" we all said at once. He waved then walked out of the room then down the stairs and out the door.

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