Give me Love

Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


11. Relaxing

*Roxy's POV*

We just got home from the interview. Lou, Harry and Simon were still laughing from the car ride home. Niall and I walked into the house and sat down in the family room. Liam and Zayn walked in a short time after us. Then Simon, Lou, and Harry came in the family room. They all had bright red faces and still laughing. All of them were trying to catch their breaths. "Alright it wasn't that funny stop laughing." I told them. "It-it-it was pretty funny." Lou said still trying to breath. "I was 8 don't judge." I said. "That's what makes it funny." "Shut up Lou." I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 9:30. "You guys want to watch a movie?" "Yeah why not." Niall said. "Simon you going to stay?" I asked. "I wish I could but I can't maybe another time." He said. "Okay." I said with a sad look on my face. "I'll see you boys later." Simon said "Bye" all of the guys said as Simon waved goodbye and walked out the front door. "Okay what movie do you guys want to watch?" "What movie do you have?" Zayn asked me. "Uh what ever is in the book case over there or in to chest next to it." Harry, Zayn, and Louis walked over to the book case. "HOLY SHIT. Got enough movies?" Lou said while turning around with a shocked look on his face. I just shurgged my shoulders. "What are we going to watch?" Zayn asked looking at the movies. "What about a horror movie?" Harry asked. "NO!" I shouted at him. "Why not?" He whined. "I don't like horror movie." "aq come on please?" "Harry I dont watch scary movies so no" "But Roxy....?" "I said no Harry and that's the end of it" "Roxy.." Harry said in a little kids voice and crawling into my lap. "Harry get off my lap." But may we pwease watch a scary mocie please?" he asked with puppy dog eyes. "If I say yes will you get off my lap?" "Maybe" "Fine we can watch on scary movie just on." "Yay Louis grav The Sinister" Harry said. "Alright." Louis got the moccie and put it in. "Harry get off of my lap" "No." "harry do you really wnat to mess with me right now?" "I'm not scared" "You should be." "Why should I be scared of you?" "Well first off you might wake up one morning and you head will be shaved/" "OKay I'll get off you lap." "Thank youl." "Man Harry I can't beliece you were scared of Roxy." Limaj said as Harry sat next to him and Lou. "She was going to shace my head and I like my hair so yeah if I am going to lose my hair I am hoing to listen to her." "Wow getting bossed aroung by a girl." Louis said shaking his head. "You better watch it Lou I will throw all the carrots in this house away." Phh, I'm not scared" "I will also take Harry away from You." "You wouldn't" "Lou I think you know I would." "You can get rid of all the carrots in the world but don't take my Harry away from me." Lou said hugging Harry. "I won't if you goa and make some popcorn and bring out some other snacks." "Okay but when I come back Harry better still be here sitting in front of the couch." "Just go get the snacks." "Fine." Lou got up and went to the kitchen.

"Oh no" "What?" all of the boys said looking at me with worried looks. "Max and Sarah have been outside all day." I said getting up and going the the sliding glass door and sure enough Max and Sarah were sitting by the door waiting to be let in. I opened the door and both of them ran in an jumped up on me. That is their way of saying 'Hello I missed you' "Are you guys hungr?" I asked tham as ther ran to their bowls and gravved them and brought them to the laundty toom where the food was. I gave them their food as they ate I yelled for Moon. I tried to find her I looked in my room, dad's room and the bathroom and she wasn't in those rooms. 'Weird she is normally in one of those rooms. I walked into the living room where eceryone was and there was Moon being hugged by Harry. "Give me my cat back Harry I have to feed her." "But I want to love her." "You can love her after she eats." "Okay but she better hurry up and finish eating fast." Harry said as he let her go and I gave her a can of food in her bowl in the kitchen. The dogs followed me into the living room. Sarah laid down on the floor under my feet and Max laid next to me on the couch.


Hey everyone sorry it took me forever to post I have been busy and the computer that I was posting from got the website blocked on it and my internet wasn't working but everything is good now. I am working on another chapter for this one right now and I should have one on my other story 'The Fighter' I did want to say thanks for all of the views I am really thankful for that. If you would like to comment please do. If you have any ideas for me you can tell me in the comments or email me at

Thanks again to everyone for reading

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