Give me Love

Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


9. After the date

*Roxy POV.*

We walked out of Nandos hand in hand. We had our fingers intertwined. The night was lovely, a little cold but still beautiful. We walked through the park it was empty and peacful. The only noice was some birds singing. There was this huge pond in the middle of the park. The moon shined on the pond making it shine like it was all diamonds. A breeze came by making me shiver. "You cold?" Niall asked. "A little but I'm fine." "No here." Niall took his jacket off and but it around my shoulders. He was just wearing a T-shirt. "No Niall I'm fine I dont want you to freeze." "I'm fine." we sat on down on a bench next to the pond and look over the buildings at the night sky. Niall had his arm wrapped around me I laid my head on his shoulder. I looked up at Niall into his baby blue eyes. I sat up and kissed him. I don't know why I just needed to.

*Niall's POV.*

We were sitting at the park looking at the night sky. It was perfect I was holding the girl I love in my arms. She sat up and I looked at her and she smashed her lips into mine. I didn't mind I just wasn't expecting it. I kissed back. The kiss became more passionate. We pulled apart and she just looked down "Sorry I just-" I didn't let her finish before I started kissing her again. We were interupted when Roxy's phone started ringing. Her ringtone was Gym Class Hereos The Fighter

Give em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life til we're dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes the fighter, there goes the fighter
Here comes the fighter
That's what they'll say to me, say to me, say to me,
This one's a fighter

She looked at her phone. She started txting back and when she was finshed she put her back her bag. "Who was that?" "Luke." I gave her a confused look. who was Luke? Does she like him? Does he like her? I sat there quietly thinking. "Niall he is just one of my co workers." Oh that is good but for some reason I have a feeling that somethings not right. I looked into her eyes. "Oh okay, Well we better get back to the house it is getting pretty late." "Alright." We got off of the bench and started walking back to Nandos. When we got back to the resturant we got in the car and I started it. The radio was on and One Thing was playing. I looked at Roxy and started sing to her.

I don't I don't don't know what it is but I need that one thing and you got that one thing.

Roxy started laughing. "What?" I asked as she was still laughing. "Oh nothing." A little bit later we pulled  into the driveway. "Thanks for tonight Niall I really enjoyed it." "Oh no it was my pleasure." We walked in the front door and as I shut and locked it I turned around and met Roxy's gorgeous eyes. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stode on her tippytoes and started kissing me. I wrapped my arms on her waist. "Hey there are childeren here." We pulled apart and both of us looked at Louis. "Shut up Lou." Roxy said. "Well I am going to go to bed Night Lou." "Night Rox." "Thanks again Niall for tonight." "No problem any time." Roxy walked to her bed room leaving by the door.

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