Give me Love

Roxy lived with her dad after her mom died when she was only 3 years old. her dad was always working so she had to take care of herself, but she knew her dad loved her very much. Everyday was the same untill she got some news she was not happy about. (sorry if it kinda sucks 1st fanfic writen and mispelled words) please tell me what you think. THANKS!


4. A day with One Direction

*Roxy's P.O.V.*

After dad left we just chilled out for a while. "I am SO BORED." Louis said "Me too" Zayn, Harry, and Niall agreed. "I am too hey come with me." I said getting up and wlking out of the room. "Where are we going?" they all asked me."Just trust me it will be awesome." We walked down stairs past all of their rooms and to the basement. I turned on the light and they all gasped."I didn't know you had this down here.""Yeah dad doesn't like to tell guest about afraid they will break stuff." as we walked in they looked around at all of the games. We have a huge game room. It has a masive flat screen T.V. and a awesome sound system and tons of games."Follow me guys." we walked into another room and I seen all of their mouths drop."This is awesome." They all looked around the movie theater."So what movie do you guys want to watch.""Toy Story.""NO" all of the guys yelled at Liam."Fine.""Okay you guys pick a movie I will go make some popcorn be right back." I walked out of the room to the snack bar to make some popcorn and get some other snacks. As I was finishing making the popcorn I heard someone come up behind me. "Hey Roxy." I turned a round to see Niall standing there. Damn he was so cute."Oh hey Niall.""I was wondering if uh..if....""Yes Niall?""If you...Uh....Wanted to dinner or something some time." I just stode there 'Come on Roxy say yes tell him you want to.' I tryed to speak but I couldn't."I'm sorry for askin you." Niall said looking down at the ground. He turned around and was walking away."Wait!" Niall turned around."I would love too Niall." He smiled and I walked up and hugged him. I think I love this guy. we were interupted when Louis walked in yelling "Where is the popcor.." He stoped when he seen me and Niall hugging. We quickly pulled away as I started blushing. I turned away walking back to the popcorn bowl and the tray of food I had prepared."Come on lets go watch the movie." I said as I quickly passed by Louis and Niall.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

She said yes OMG calm down Niall calm down. As Roxy walked back into the movie theater room Louis gave me a little shove."What?""Oh nothing" Louis said. He was acting weird but I didn't care. We walked back in the theater and I sat next to Roxy."What movie are we watching?" Roxy asked."We are watching Parinormal Activity." I told her."Awesome." Half way through the movie Roxy had her head on my shoulder hiding her face."Are you scared?" I wispered to her. She shock her head yes. I pulled her closer, as I tryed to comfort her. She put her head on my chest and wraped her arms around me. As the movie was coming to an end I woke up to a flash I looked at Harry and the others looking at us."Aw it looks at the love birds." Harry said with a wink. I looked at Roxy still asleep she looked so cute. I looked back at the guys as they laughed and made kissy faces."Oh shut up you guys." as they stared laughing harder Roxy's eyes opened slowly as she stared to wake up."What time is it?" she asked in a sleepy tone as she sat up and stratched."It's 10 love" I said as I looked into her eyes."Oh shit my dad should be home any minute now and we aren't spose to be down here." she jumped up and ran to clean everything up. As we quickly cleaned up we ran upstairs and closed the door just in time we acted like nothing happened when her dad walked in through the door.

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