How To Love (a Niall Horan fanfiction)

Julia is 16 years old. She lives with her abusive dad in a small appartement in London. Her mom died together with her brother in a plane crash on their way home and her dad changed. He started hitting her and calling her names. Horrible names.

When Julia meets Niall he sees her bruises and does everything to help her. But she's not used to being loved anymore and doesn't dare to love him back. Niall tries to show her how it feels to be loved. But Julia is afraid her dad will come back and what he'll do to her.

What happens when Niall wants her to feel love, but the only thing she's able to feel is fear?

WARNINGS: Strong language, sexual content (later in the story), violence


3. Meeting the boys

-- Julia's POV --

He locked the door of his appartement. "This is where I live. It's quite messy though. Sorry for that," he said and stepped out of his shoes. It wasn't one of those large, expensive houses that celebrities you had seen on your tv had. It was like a normal teenage boys appartement. 

"No, I like it. It's so much better than my house," I said and smiled at him. I watched him as he walked over to sit on the sofa and flick through the channels of his tv. I walked over to stand beside the couch. I was afraid I'd do anything wrong if I sat beside him so I just stayed there waiting for him to notice me. He did after a few seconds. "What's wrong?"

"Ehm... I don't know should I sit down?" I asked. It was never embarrassing for me to ask something. Even the most stupid questions could spill out of my mouth without me thinking twice. But when Niall laughed out loud a little blush, barely visible, spread across my cheeks. "Aww, you're blushing! C'mon sit here, next to me," Niall said making me blush even more.

I sat down on the couch beside him and watched as he dropped the remote on his lap. "Do you want to watch this?" he asked and I looked at the tv. "What's this?" I questioned as the blue, stripey humanlike creatures ran around with their tails. "Avatar," Niall said. "Explain," I said and turned to him.

"Okay, uhm... The humans have like found this planet where the Na'vis live and they also find this really rare material that was under the family tree and they want to get it from the Na'vis. And.. yeah that's all I know. I've only seen it a few times," Niall explained and I nodded. I sat back down and watched the movie.

The Na'vis where beautiful. Small spots of silverglittery things covered their faces in patterns, darker blue stripes playing over their skin and yellow-greenish eyes. "I like this movie," I said and watched as the blue creatures ran with their bows and arrows. 

"That's good," Niall smiled. We continued watching Avatar in silence. Well that was until Niall looked over at me and noticed I was sitting a bit far away from him. Goosebumps covered my bare arms from the cold and I was shuddering slightly. "Cold?" Niall asked and I hesitated a moment before nodding. "You can come closer you know? Don't be shy Julia I want to get to know you better!"

I laughed, taking his words in the wrong way and thinking he wanted to start dating me. But of course I knew what he meant. I didn't move closer though. I stayed in my place watching the movie and ignoring Niall's stare. "Come on Julia!" he chuckled and pulled me closer by my arm. I wasn't expecting that and fell into his warm body.

"That's better," Niall said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Not used to the feeling of being so close my eyes widened and my muscles clenched. "Relax," Niall said calmly and rubbed my arm. I relaxed to his touch and continued watching the movie. The blush was still covering my cheeks.

We had watched the movie for a good 30 minutes and Niall was breathing heavily behind me. He was snoring lightly into my neck and his arm was laying dead over my waist from behind. I was still watching the movie though, but it was hard to keep my eyelids open.

Suddenly the front door flew open and a group of boys stormed into the appartement. I closed my eyes immediately and tried to breath heavily like Niall so the boys, whoever they were, thought we were both sleeping. I wasn't afraid though. I had seen when Niall locked the door so this boys must have a key. They were probably some of Nialls friends. Maybe the rest of his band.

"Niall! Are you even here?" A loud voice shouted and Niall shifted beside me. But he was still sleeping. I heard footsteps coming towards the sofa and suddenly they stopped. "Aww, guys come here!" the voice from before said and leaned over the sofa. I opened my eyes slightly, looking through my eyelashes, to take in the features of this boy. His brown hair was up in a slight quiff and looked soft as feathers. His blue eyes were smiling down at us but not noticing I was watching him.

I knew how to fake sleep, I was used to doing that to avoid the punches of my dad, and it seemed to work with this boy too. "What is it Louis?" another voice sounded and a darkhaired boy walked over to who I now knew was Louis. "Oh," the darkhaired boy said and his brown orbs traveled over me and Niall. I felt awkward spooning with Niall when four of his friends who didn't even know my name walked in while Niall was asleep. 

Another two guys walked up to the couch and looked at us with big, curious eyes. I pushed my elbow into Nialls stomach in an attempt to wake him up without the others noticing I was awake. "Huh?" Niall murmured. "Niall!" a curly haired boy singsonged showing off his dimples.

"Harry?" Niall said, confused. "Wait what? What are you doing here?" Niall gripped both my arms and pulled me gently to lay on top of him as he laid fully on his back to get a better view of his four best friends. "We came over because, well, uhm. There's nothing on tv- oh Avatar!" Harry said and plopped down on the armrest of the sofa. 

I heard Niall sigh underneath me and bit my lip to keep from laughing. "Seriously,"  Niall groaned and looked at the other guys. "Why did you come? Liam?" Niall looked at who obviously was Liam but he just shrugged. "Well, uhm, basically we came because we were like wondering if you wanted to eat? At Nandos? But I see you already have some company. Who's the girl?" Harry said in his slow, husky voice. 

"Julia," Niall answered simply. "Who's Julia?" Louis asked. "Her," Niall said, probably nodding towards me or something. "Who's her?" "Julia." "Is she your girlfriend?" Pause. "No, we're just friends," Niall said and brushed a piece of my lightbrown, curly hair out of my face.

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