How To Love (a Niall Horan fanfiction)

Julia is 16 years old. She lives with her abusive dad in a small appartement in London. Her mom died together with her brother in a plane crash on their way home and her dad changed. He started hitting her and calling her names. Horrible names.

When Julia meets Niall he sees her bruises and does everything to help her. But she's not used to being loved anymore and doesn't dare to love him back. Niall tries to show her how it feels to be loved. But Julia is afraid her dad will come back and what he'll do to her.

What happens when Niall wants her to feel love, but the only thing she's able to feel is fear?

WARNINGS: Strong language, sexual content (later in the story), violence


2. "Let me help you,"

-- Julia's POV --

"So you're telling me he doesn't let you go to school, he hits you, calls you names, and your mother is dead with your brother?" Niall repeated and I nodded. "That's why I am here. I learn what the people at school learn. Just not with them. I can do it alone, I know what you need to learn and take time learning that. I'm not reading things about subjects you don't have to know," I explained.

"I'm taking you to the policestation," he said, stood up and grabbed my wrist gently. "No!" I shouted and yanked it back. Curious faces turned towards us and I felt my cheeks flashing red. "Yes I am," he said calmly. "Make me," I said. "Look, I want to help you. I really do. But I can't do it alone. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I whispered and walked after him out of the library. Leaving the book I just read and the still staring faces behind. As we came out my eyes wandered through the park. Looking desperately after an escape route. "Which way is it to the police?" I asked, trying to sound interested of going to the police. "That way," Niall said and turned his head. I took the chance and ran. I was a fast runner, used to flee from men. 

I heard Niall scream my name when I was about a hundred meters away from him. "Julia! You can't go back to your dad! Julia don't you see? He'll hurt you again!" Niall shouted as he ran. I knew that I wouldn't be able to run as far If I wasted all my breath to scream out. So I kept quiet and kept running through the park. The woods were only a few hundred meters away and it only took a minute before I was leaning against a tree panting, trying to catch my breath. I turned to look behind the tree and noticed Niall on the ground standing on all fours.

Without thinking I jogged up to him and sat down beside him. "Are you okay?" I said. He shook his head. He obviously wasn't used to running as far as I was. I placed my hand on his back and felt his muscles tense and untense under the fabric of his hoodie and my hand. He was panting. "Niall, sit up. Sit up straight," I said and he did as he was told. I sat down infront of him and placed my legs on each side of him, his knees touching the inside of my upper thigh.

"Place your hands on your head, It helps you catch your breath," I told him calmly and when he had done that I placed my hands on his chest. Feeling his breathing steadying and his heartbeat calming. The feeling of having someone so close was like nothing I had felt after my mom died. I felt safe. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I kept my hands there even if his breath and heartbeat was normal.

When I opened them again I found Niall already looking at me, with a smile on his face. "Hi," he smiled. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I had never been hugged, or hugged anyone for years. Niall fell back on the ground but I continued hugging him as a tear streamed down my face. "Thank you," I whispered. "My pleasure," Niall replied as he stroked my hair. I didn't notice that the tears destroyed the makeup that protected my cuts and bruises until I pulled away and found Niall staring at me with a worried expression on his face. 

"Julia," he said and stood to his knees. "No," he whispered as his fingers ran over my bruised skin. The tears continues streaming down my face, taking my mascara with them. "Why didn't you tell me?" he stuttered. "I'm sorry I just... I don't tell things like this to strangers. I don't talk to strangers," I said and my eyes left his to look down at his hoodie covered with tears.

"Look at me, love," he said and I looked up again. "I'm not a stranger anymore okay? I'm your friend. And I'm going to do everything I can to help you, yeah?" he said and I nodded. "Thank you," I whispered trying to keep cool but I wanted nothing more than to throw my arms around him again. 

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