On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


6. You're who?

Meghan's POV

Back at our alley Harry was trying to convince Emily he didn't steal her headset. Liam and Louis were asleep while Zayn Niall and I tried to keep Emily from leaping at Harry. "You did too." She hissed. "You took it out of my hand as I took it out." "Did not." Harry replied grinning. I rolled my eyes. "This is getting old." I sigh. "Harry ask next time Emily loosen up." With that I release Emily and go sit on the bed.

"Is there anything to do here?" Harry asked from the couch. I look around. Emily and I had usually  spent our time planning not sitting around. "I guess not." I sigh. "Then let head back to our place." Zayn suggested. "Why not." Emily said from my side. "To tell the truth. I miss living in a house." "Me too." I sigh. Our house back home had been perfect. It was small on the outside but opened up once you got inside it was big.

Niall was looking at me sadly. I turn away to face Zayn. "Can we go now?" I ask him. "Yes." He said jumping up and leading the way out the door. I follow close behind. As the others come out I look back at our home in the alley. "I'm going to miss this dump." I sigh following Emily. She nods without saying a word. "Hey Emily." I whisper to her. "Don't the boys look familiar?" She studies the boys for a second and nods. "I've seen them somewhere before." "But where?" I ask studying Niall's back. 

"You girls keeping up?" Zayn called back. We nod but continue to stare. "Hey Emily?" I say. She looked over. "Does your phone have access to the internet?" She pulled it out. "Only if there is wireless connection." She sighed. "We'll try when we get to the hotel." I nodded. "Until then follow my lead." Emily gave me a half-smile as we caught up to the boys.

"So what do you guys do?" I asked casually. "What do you mean?" Louis asked back. "She means like what do you do for a living." Emily sighed. I shot her a glance. "We-" Harry started. "We do a lot of things." Zayn said cutting him off. 

I shot Emily a look "Liar." I mouthed. She nodded. "You know." She said.

"What?" Liam asked. 

Emily and I leap in front of them stopping them. "Who are you really?"

"Let us pass." Zayn said taking a step closer. 

"No." Emily said sticking her hand out blocking Zayn. "We deserve to know."

Zayn shot the others a look. "Fine." He sighed. "We'll tell you at hotel." 

I nod as Emily and I fall into step behind the boys again as quiet as before. 

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