On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


4. Will you help?

Meghan's POV

I pull the headset out and turn it back on. "Emily." I whisper. "We're coming in. Active plan 231." "Got in Meghan." She said. "Plan 231?" Harry asked. "None of your beeswax." I snap. I look around and slowly slip down the alley. "What ever you do." I whisper to the boys behind me. "Don't yell or be nosiy." "Then this is not the place for Lou." Niall said. "Who's Lou?" Emily said slipping out of the shadows. Louis jumpped. "Guys meet Emily." I smile. "Emily meet Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn." Emily glared at them. "Which one threatened to turn us in." Emily growled. "Watch out for her." I whisper to the boys. "She is trained." "By who?" Zayn asked slightly backing away. "Me." I say. "But its ok. She listens to me." Emily remelted into the shadows. "Where did she go." Louis asked clearly scared. "Inside." I say leading them deeper into the alley. "So there is a house down here." Zayn sighed. "Still no Zayn." I said. "Unless this is a house ti you." I point to our corner of the alley. It was covered by a tin top and a metal front. "How long have you lived here." Niall asked. "All will be answered inside." I said ducking into the house. They followed me but slower. "Come on we won't bite." Emily said from where she sat on the bed. I sit on her other side as the boys slip in. "Nice place you got here." Niall said sitting down on my bed. "Ok." I sighed. "Sit down and we will tell you out story." They sit down and stare at us expectantly. "Nine years ago." I start. "We were returning from a vaction when a man apperead." "Out of now where it seemed." Emily said. I nodded and continued the story. "Mom and Dad told us to get out of the car and run." "All they told us was to go to London and they would meet us in ten years." Emily sighed. "It took us a year to get here." I said. "And when we got here we had no food no water no place to stay." "No one would take us in." Emily whispered. "We were all alone in this big city." "So we stole a watch from a old man." I muttered. "We tried to sell it on the street but no one would buy it. Thats where Alex found us." "who's this Alex guy?" Harry interupted. "He's like our big brother." I sigh. "He introduced us to the black market and found us this alley." "He saved our lives." Emily said. "And we are in debt to him." "That's why we stole the money." I said. "Alex found us and raised us. We need to pay him back. Tomorrow we will take him the money and stay here till out parents return." Emily said proudly. "See." I whisper looking into Niall's blue eyes. "If you turn us in you turn in the black market. All those people who can't pay. They get what they need. They took us in and rasied us. We are their best stealers. They need us." "If you turn us in." Emily said. "You ruin their lives too and we can't let you do that." They share a glace. "We won't." Liam said. "We see know why you did it." My eyes fill with tears. "Oh thank you." I give Liam a hug. "Thank you." He gives me a quick hug. "Your welcome." "One thing though." Niall said. "Can we come with you when you give Alex the money. We want to see this black market." I look at Emily. She gives a small nod. "That sounds good." I say. "But we got to leave early tomorrow morning so if you want to come you got to be ready to wake up and go." "That sounds good." Zayn grinned. "See you tomorrow." He gets up to leave. "If you want to come." Emily said blocking his path. "You got to be ready to leave from here." His eyes widen. "Us. Sleep here?" "Is that a problem?" I smirk. "Not at all." Niall said shooting the others a glane. "We'll stay here."  I smile. "Two of you can share my bed. I'll share with Em and three of you can sleep where ever." I lay down not looking to where the guys settle down. "Nite Emily. Nite guys." I call out. "Nite." They murmer. I roll over to see Niall on the floor in between the beds. Zayn Liam and Louis were on my bed while Harry was on the couch. I nudge Niall gently. His blue eyes flash in the darkness. I scoot over so there is room for him on the bed next to me and Emily. He mouthed thank you and slipped onto the bed. I lean my head against Emily and fall asleep with the warmth of Emily on one side and Niall on the other.

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