On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


1. The guy~Ten years ago~

Meghan's POV

"Mom." I cry. "Em is bothering me." "She was on my side." Emily said. Mom sighed. "Can you two be quiet please. We'll be home soon." "By soon she means an hour." I whisper to Emily. "I know right?"She snickered. The car screeched to a stop. "Dad." Emily asked. "Why are we stopping." "I don't know honey." Dad said gripping the wheel. "Hey Em." I say looking at my watch. "It's 12:01." "So." She said. "It's April 15th." I sigh. "I'm six." She squealed. "Mom Dad." She said. "I'm six." "That's great." Mom muttered as Dad got out to look at the engine. My dad hopped back into the car. He and my mom shared a look. "Hey Dad." Emily said pointing out the window. "Who's that?" I looked out the window. There was a tall dark man about ten yards from our car. "Honey." My dad said turning to me. "I want you to take Emily and run." "Why Dad?" I ask. "Just do it Meghan please." "And Emily." Dad said turning to Emily. "Take this." He handed her a small white envelope. "Don't open yet." He said. "When do we open it?" Emily asked. "Ten years." My mom said keeping an eyes on the man."Now go." Dad said opening the door. "What about you guys." I ask. "We love you two but for the next ten years forget about us." "What-." U stated. "Go now." My dad said as the man from the road started to walk towards us. Emily and I jump out of the car. "Good bye We love you." Mom call as we dashed into the woods. "Why." Emily asked as we walked. "To tell the truth Em." I said. "I don't know." "Well." Emily said looking at the envelope. "It's says open in London on April 15th in ten years." Great." Emily said. "How are we going to get to London?"  "I don't know Emily." I said wrapping my arms around her. "But we will find a way.

That was nine years ago. Now we are the Black sisters. The most wanted in London. We will find a way to stay here. We will find out what happened to our parents and we will survive.

Author's Note

This is my sister's first movella so please no hurtful comments. Hope you like it.

Meghan and Emily :)

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