On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


2. Black Market

Meghan's POV

I slip out of our ally way. "Emily." I whisper. "I'm going to market." "Wait for me." Emily called following me out. "Emily." I whisper. "Your too young." "I'm 15." She said turning to me. "Fine whatever Emily." I sigh. "Lets go before we draw a crowd. She skipped out in front of me. "Emily." I hiss. "We got to act normal." She sighed and fell into step with me. "Are we really going to the market Meghan?" She whispered. "The black market." I whisper back. She giggled. "My first time." "Shhh." I say. "We can't let anyone know. We still got a year before mom and dad meet us." Emily got quiet. I give her a quick hug. "Come on Emily." I said. "We're here." We slip into the abandoned building. "This way." I whisper. We slip up the staircase. "Watch out for the rats." I say. "Which door is it?" Emily asked. "This one." I say stopping in front of the only door with a doormat. "How do we get in?" Emily said peeking in the door. "Not that way." I said pulling her away from the door. "This way." I knock three times on the door and kick it once. The peephole opened. "Password?" "Pumpkin." I whisper. The door opens.  "Hey Meghan." Alex said giving me a hug. "Hey Alex." "Who's this?" Emily asked looking up at Alex. "Emily meet Alex. Alex Emily." I said. "Hey Emily." Alex said giving her a hug. "Hey." Emily said. "Anything good today?" I ask. "I don't know?" He shrugged. "Go and check." "Ok bye Alex." I say waving good bye. "Bye Alex." Emily said following me father into the building. "This is it Emily." I say opening another door. Inside the room was lightly lit. People were spread out all over looking at the items. "This is our table." I said pulling out our latest haul. "Just let me do all the talking and trading."

~Three hours later~

"Bye Mrs. Rendi." I say as she gave me the four bottles of water. "That was our last watch Meghan." Emily said. "That means our trading for today is over." I say putting all our goods in the bag. "Let's go." "Finally." Emily sighed. "I'm ready for tonight." I grin. "Me too." "Bye Alex." We call as we leave. "Bye Meghan Bye Emily." He said waving. "See you in a few days." We slip out of the building. "Shhh." I whisper. "We got to get back to the ally with out being spotted. " Emily nodded as we sneak around the corner. Emily poked me back. "What Emily?" I hiss turning around. She pointed behind us where a curly hair boy and a blond boy were following us. "Thy have been following us for the past block." Emily whispered. "Let's lose them." I whisper. "We can't have people getting suspicious tonight." "Plan 342?" Emily asked. "No." I muttered. "Plan 347." "Great thinking." Emily grinned. "Meet you back at the alley." I whisper. I duck into a backstreet followed by Emily. We rush forward till we reach the split. "See you soon Emily." I say turning right. She nodded and turned left. I risk a look back. The blond one was following me down the backstreet but the curly hair one was missing. I speed up looking for a way out. I turn turn down the last alley and get ready to climb the wire fence. "Crap." I mutter. The wire fence had been replace by a brick wall. I leap up to try and get a grip. I reach up for another hole. "Please wait." An irish accent said from behind. "What do you want." I hiss trying to keep my grip. "What are you running from?" He asked. "Ummm." I reply. I reach up for another handhold. "I wouldn't do that." He called up. "Why not." I call back. The wall crumbled beneath my hand. "No." I cry out as I fall. I close my eyes hoping it out be quick. I felt arms wrap around me. I open my eyes to see a pair of blue eyes staring at me. "Thanks." I mutter blushing. "But I got to go." I slip out of his arms and start to walk away. "Wait." He said grabbing my arm. "What?" I ask. "Why are you and the other girl running around London?" He asked. "None of your business." I snap pulling out of his grip and hurrying away. I slip around the corner and bump into Emily.  I grab her. "We got to go."  "Why?" She said trying to keep up. "That blond guy." I panted. "He caught me." "Meghan." Emily said as we got to the alley way. "Don't let this distract you from tonight." "I-. I won't." I mutter. "Wake me up at 11." "Night." Emily laughed. "Night." I smiled closing my eyes. The last thing I see before I drift off way the blond boy's blue eyes.

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