On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


5. Alex

Niall's POV

I lay awake thinking about their story. Why would their parents abandon them in the middle of nowhere? Why would they come to London and most of all why would they steal? I look over at Meghan and Emily. They looked very similar. Same dark blond hair with lighter highlights. Same short slim body frame.The only big difference was their eyes. Meghan's were a bright blue while Emily's were a darker hazel. Emily also seemed more aggressive. Then again living on the streets could do that to a girl I guess. When Harry and I saw them sneak out of the alley we decided to follow them. Emily had been the one to see us, but her eyes flashed with fear. Why was she scared. When they had split it took us a second to realize what had happened. Those girls were good. Meghan would have gotten away if that brick wall had been more stable. When I had caught her she had seemed so surprised. Something was off about them, but still I had a pull to help them. I let out a sigh, tomorrow was going to be a strange day. I close my eyes only for my stomach to growl. I forgot. Thats why we had come down to the lobby in the first place. I sit up quietly. There was no sign of food any where. I get up and start to scout around. "What are you doing?" A voice hissed behind me. I turn around to see Meghan standing there. "Well?" "Er." I start. "I was hungry and I didn't want to wake anyone so I thought I would grab a snack." Meghan sighed her eyes softening. "The store is over here." She led me to a rock. "You eat rocks?" I ask puzzled. She let out a small laugh. "No." She moved the rock and pulled out two apples. She tossed me one and took a bite out of hers. "You don't have to come with us tomorrow." She said. "We're only give Alex some money." "Why do you really need to pay Alex back?" I ask. "We told you." Meghan said defensibly. "He saved out lives." I could tell there was something she wasn't telling me. "Well then." I said standing up. "Thanks for the apple. I own you one." She looked up at me with her little half smile. "See you in the morning Niall." she sat down on the bed next to her sister. I lay down on the floor again. "Niall." She sighed. "You can see on the bed. You don't have to sleep on the floor." "Thanks." I smile sitting next to her. She curled up next to Emily. I lay down too. I would figure out what they weren't telling us. I close my eyes and drift off.



Meghan's POV

I blink my eyes at the brightness of the sun. "Emily close the blinds." I mutter turning over. "Sure thing love." A voice say. I jump up. Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam sat on the couch. Zayn stood next to the window. "Should I shut the blinds still?" He asked. Last night came flooding back to me. "Sure." I say. "What time is it?" "Um." Louis said looking at his phone. "8:15." "Crap." I say jumping up and grabbing the money. "We got to go." "Emily up." I yell. "I'm up." She said jumping up. "Let's go." "Hey Meghan." She continued. "I had the weirdest dream last night. Five guys caught us in the crime and we brought them back and told out story." "That wasn't a dream." Harry called from the couch. Emily's eyes narrowed. "Great." I head over to the store and grab out seven apples. "We'll eat on the way." I slip the money into my worn purse and lead the way. "The market is about two blocks from here." I say as we walk. "You have to be quiet once were in." Emily said from the back. I nod. "We had a close call last year and since then we have to be extra careful." "Doesn't it look weird to see seven people walk into an alley." Zayn said. "It's not in an alley." I start. "But your right." Emily." I say turning around. "You Louis and Harry will take the long way and meet us at the door. "Liam Niall Zayn and I will continue this way." Emily nodded and led Harry and Louis across the street. "They won't be far behind us right?" Liam asked. "No like five minutes." I say with a slight smile. "What are you? They're dad?" "Like one." Zayn said. "There it is." I point across the street to the abandoned building. "What is that?" Zayn asked. "That." I smile. "Is that black market." I lead them in. "Now be quiet." I whisper. "Emily Louis and Harry should be in a few." I put on my headset. "Emily where are you?" "Relax." Harry's voice came through. "Emily says were at the back." "Cool." I take off the headset. "They're here." I smile as Emily led Harry and Louis in.  "He stole my headset." Emily growled. "Hey." Harry grinned. "I said I was sorry." "Let's go." I said rolling my eyes playfully. I lead them to the one door with a doormat. I knock three times and kick the door. "Don't be mean to the door." Niall whispered in my ear. I punch him lightly in the arm. "Shhh." "Password." A voice calls from the door. "A secret knock and now a password." Zayn said rolling his eyes. "You guys really don't want to be found." "Be quiet Zayn." Emily growl. "Pumpkin." I say. The door opened to reveal Alex. "Hey Alex." I say giving him a hug. "Meghan." He said cautiously. "There are five guys behind you that I have never seen before." "Alex." I grin. "Meet Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis. Guys meet Alex." "So this is the famous Alex." Niall said stepping up behind me. "Famous?" Alex said. "If you want to talk about being famous you guys are-." "Are what?" Zayn growled. "Nothing." Alex said narrowing his eyes. "You guys are nothing." "We're what?" Niall said. He was obviously mad. "Alex. Niall." I snap. "Let's keep this civil." "Alex were here on business." I say stepping in front of Niall. "Here." I hand Alex the purse. "Er Meghan." He said. "I don't need a purse." "I know." I laugh. "Your gift is in the purse but don't open it here, but you know where we are when you want to thank us." "Ok." He grinned. "Bye Meghan." "Bye Alex." I give him a hug and shut the door. "Ok." I smile. "Let's head back. You guys can come with us?" "Why not?" Zayn said. "We're not busy for a while." I grin as we exit the building, but something was bothering me. Why did Alex say that the guys were famous? I had to figure it out.

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