On the Run

Meghan and Emily were abandoned at five and six. There parents didn't tell them why. They have been on the run now for nine years. They have turned to stealing to survive. One night they are caught by Niall and Harry. Will Niall and Harry turn the sisters in or will they help them?


3. Again

Emily's POV

What was with Meghan? Ever since she had been caught by the blond guy she had been acting weird. My phone buzzed. I pull it out. The glowing clock showed 10:50. It was time. 

Meghan's POV

Emily shook me awake. "What?" I asked. "It's time." She grinned. I smiled weakly sitting up. Tonight was going to be out hardest steal. We had run through it a couple times but it was different this time. This was the real thing. "Come on Em." I mutter. "Let's go." We slip out of the alley quietly. "We're just going to slip in and get to the vault." I hiss to Emily. "Then you get in and we get the gold silver and gems and get out." She nods all her silliness gone. "Let no one see or hear you." Emily reminds me. "this is the last day before they put back in the cameras." We close in on our target. The hotel stands tall in the dark of London. "Get in get out." I mutter to myself. We inch around the building to the service entrance. This was it. We pull this off we would be set for the rest of the year until mom and dad came back. I sigh and signal for Emily to scout out the area. She went in. I stood outside for about a minute when the lights flicked twice. The signal! I slip in and knocked on the control door twice. Emily opens it and points to a door across the hall. "That's the one." She mouthed. I nodded and started towards it. "Be careful." Emily whispered. I smiled back to her and open the door. The safe sat in the middle of the room. I pull my headset down. "Emily?" I mutter into it. "Lasers off?" The headset crackled as Emily replied. "Yes." I smile silently. "Safe open?" I whisper. The safe door clicked and popped open. "Now it is." Emily said. "Good keep an eye open for." I say opening the safe more. "On it." I gasp. Inside the safe were bags of money. "Emily." I breath. "With one of theses bags we could last until Mom and Dad get back." "Grab two then and get out." Emily muttered. I snatch up two and shut the safe. "Got them." I say into the headset. "I'll meet you outside." I step out of the room in time to see Emily slip outside. I hurry after her. I slip the two bags of money out the door and was about to follow when something at the edge of my vision catches my eye. "I'll be right back Emily." I mutter head towards the open door. "Meet you in the alley Meghan." Emily said through the headset. I turn off the headset and throw it into my backpack. I go up to the door. "You can out now." I growl. Five guys came out of the room sheepishly. "How much did you see?" I ask. The blond one who had catch me earlier muttered something. "What did you say." I sighed. "He said most of it." The one with a striped shirt and brown hair said. "We saw you and your friend steal the money." My eyes widen. Over the past nine years this was the first time we had been caught. "Please don't tell." I whimper. "This is our last time I promise." "I'm sorry." The one with the dark quiff. "But we have too." "Please." I beg. "Or at least let me show you why we did it." They shared a glance. "You can show us." The curly haired one said. "Thank you." I sighed. I pull out my headset and switched it on. "Emily." I said. "Yea." Her voice said over the headset. "I'm bringing home guests." I mutter. "Great." She cried. "Let me guess the blond one?" "Yea." I sigh. "See you there." Emily sighed. "Well." I said turning to the guys. "Let's go to my home. Emily is waiting." "Is Emily the other girl?" The blond one asked. "Yes." I said. "She is also my sister." "Are you doing this for her?" The curly haired one asked. "Sort of." I muttered leading them out of the hotel. "Wouldn't you?" They all nodded. I give a small smile. "Emily is my one and only friend and sister." I whisper half to myself. "I would do anything for her." "That's sweet." I jump when the blond one spoke to me. "Please." I mutter. "Don't scare me your still a stranger." "Well your a stranger to me." He said. "Fine." I huffed. I turned to the five of them. "I'm Meghan and my little sister is Emily." "I'm Niall." The blond one said. "This is Harry." He pointed to the curly haired one. "Zayn." The one with the quiff. "Louis." The brown haired one with the striped shirt. "And Liam." I turned to Liam. He was so quiet I hadn't really noticed him. "Wait." I mutter. "Those names sound familiar." "Well." Niall started. "We're here." I cut him off pointing to our alley. They're eyes widen. "Please tell me there's a house down there." Zayn said. "No." I laugh. "Welcome to my home." 

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