Fall <3

About 3 girls named Maia , Alyssa , & Shannon . Maia already knew Justin Bieber , Big Time Rush , Rob Kardashian , Roman Palumbo , Ramsey Lewis , & Ryan Nassif ; Maia works with Justin & Alyssa wants Maia to introduce her to Big Time Rush , but Shannon doesn't want to get too involved.. A lot of drama & love triangles come into place . Stay tuned to see what happens ! (:


2. Meeting Justin

-after the concert, we all got in line to get a Believe and Swaggy t-shirt before getting in another lingo to meet him-
Me: Yeah it was!!! Swag, swag, swag on you!
Shannon: Haha, EXACTLY! -smiling-

-2 hours later, it's finally our turn-
All: Omg.. He's beautiful. -we look at him as we approach him-
Justin: -whispers to Scooter: that's the girl.. -looks at me then smiles at us all-
Scooter: I see. Good choice and good luck. -leaves-
Justin: Aye girls. What's your names? I'm Justin.
Shannon: Shannon. -smiles-
Alyssa: Alyssa.
Me: Maia. I think you know my cousin, but we haven't had the chance to meet.
Justin: Hmm, Sheckler? Ryan Sheckler?
Me: Yup!
-we take pics and Alyssa and Shannon exchange give their twitters to Justin, except me cause I don't have one-

Justin: -whispers to me- Can I have your number? I think you're beautiful, that's why I held your hand tonight during the concert.
Me: -blushes- Aww, thank you! And sure. -I give him my number and us 3 girls leave-

-we go to In N' Out Burger for a late snack-
Me: He asked me for my number and told me I was beautiful.. So i gave it to him! -screams-
A&S: OMG!!!
Me: G-girls, he just texted me.. -my phone dings and I read it: Aye shawty, it's Justin. Sup beautiful? (:- -I reply to him: Hey! Just at In N' Out Burger with the girls eating a late snack. You?-

-after we eat, we go back to our houses-
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