Fall <3

About 3 girls named Maia , Alyssa , & Shannon . Maia already knew Justin Bieber , Big Time Rush , Rob Kardashian , Roman Palumbo , Ramsey Lewis , & Ryan Nassif ; Maia works with Justin & Alyssa wants Maia to introduce her to Big Time Rush , but Shannon doesn't want to get too involved.. A lot of drama & love triangles come into place . Stay tuned to see what happens ! (:


1. Justin's Concert

"Today's the day that I'm finally gonna meet Justin!", I squealed saying to Alyssa as we walked into downtown LA.
-she looks at me- "You mean, we get to meet him.. Not just you, missy." Alyssa said.
I started jumping up and down like crazy as we got in the 3 hour long line as Alyssa go gets us food.

-hours later- -we get into our front row seats and start to talk to the Beliebers around us-
Shannon: You got backstage passes?! So did I!
Me: I know, right?? You could've came with me and Lyssa.
Shannon: Yeah, but you guys never told me you were gonna be here..
Us: Sorry! It's starting!!!!
-we all scream as it start and everyone goes crazy-

Justin: Los Angeles! How you all doing tonight?? -starts singing Boyfriend-
-we sing along, scream, try to get him to notice us-
Me: UGH, it's so impossible!!
Alyssa: Ehhhh. He'll notice one of us sooner or later.
Shannon: Maybe he already did.. -looks at Maia-
-I turn and see him looking at me and coming to me-
Me: -trying not hyperventilate-
Justin: -sings and holds my hand: If I was your Boyfriend.. then gets back into position-
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