Why Me? Why?

(Not a true story) Here are the diary entires of eight-teen year old Jay. She's abussed everyday by her future husband, She trys to get away everyday but it don't work. She wonders everyday why he chose her.


1. Chapter 1.

Sep. 17, 2003

       Dear Diary,

              My name is Jay Smith just to start off. I'm eightteen and every single day of my life I've been abussed. First by my parents till I was about fourteen and then I met a guy whom I thought was the love of my life but turns out he was just like my dad, A total jackhole! He's beaten me till I was bleeding, because of him I can't leave the house. Now to think we're engaged! After all this time he's still beating me. I go to sleep every night crying because he thinks it's funny to watch me suffer! I've never known for a guy to act like that.

             I don't know if I can stand being with him anymore. Everytime I try to leave, the beatings get worse. I have brusies where he's hit me so hard and threw me up aganist walls and slammed a hot frying pan into my back and chest. Hell that hurts! He's threw me down stairs and burned my hand! Even though I've apolgized for trying to leave he never listens. I don't know if I can stand being with him anymore. My life is hell because of him! The things he says while beating me is horrible. Once he said that he wished I died in hell and he hoped somebody killed me. That was what got to me, not so much of the beating than that.

            I hope things change when we get married! But, I can only hope doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Well goodbye for now world....


                                                                                                     Jay Marie Smith :(

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