What Else Could Go Wrong?

What happens when a young British spy ends up in forks? With the Cullens ready to fight and the werewolves lying low, who was their to fight? Or should I say What?
Oh, and just to make matters worse; theres a new girl in town and its going to be hard for her to hide from the past that is haunting her.

For the crossover competition!!


1. Damn, that was meant to be a SECRET!

So, this was not what I was used to. I looked around. I was surrounded by trees. Ok, not to sound cocky or anything but I worked in the city, I lived in the city- it was my home. Although I was only 17, I still had a good job. When we were sent on missions, we had no idea what we were up for- M only told us ting details. And they were classified.


Just as I was out of the car, I noticed sign that read, ‘Welcome to Forks, Washington’ Strange place name, strange stories, I was beginning to get slightly freaked out. Then I heard a door slam behind me. You could never be too careful, should have read the small print. Then, the most beautiful girl jumped out of the car, a sleek black Mercedes. Ok, so she didn’t literally jump, it was more of a graceful, swoop?  She waved to the driver and then he sped off into the distance. This girl was incredible, her wavy, brown hair fell past her shoulders and well, she was just amazing. She walked over then and said ‘hey’ she had the cutest British accent. ‘Hi’ I replied, trying not to sound nervous. ‘I’m Hermione Granger and you are?’ ‘The names Bond…James Bond’ Oh Hell! I had to stop doing that, it was really weird! A smile spread across the girls face and a laugh escaped her lips. Her chocolate brown eyes lit up like fireworks. ‘So are you new here?’ I asked ‘Well, I’m here to live with my aunt for a while’ ‘Cool, I’m here on business’ Ok, I let myself in on that on ‘I work for MI6, please don’t tell anyone I will get in SO much trouble’ Ah, damn, I believe I was meant to keep that a secret you know its sorta in the name, SECRET service. ‘OMG, you’re a spy? That’s really cool!’ ‘Ok, it is but keep it a secret?’ ‘Yeah, of course!’ she told me. Thank god! ‘So,. Umm… one last question- can I have your number?’ I hope I didn’t just embrass myself ‘Yeah, here it is.’ She slipped a note into my open hand and then walked away.


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