This story began as Avatar (James Cameron) fanfic, but turned into the beginnings of a mystery novel. Again, there isn't much of it yet. It will most likely grow faster if I know what people think (what they like, what I should change, etc). Thank you, and enjoy.


1. Haunted By Memories

Twill jerked the wheel to the left and the car responded with a sharp turn. The brakes screamed in protest as she tore through the intersection at full speed. Cars everywhere screetched to a stop in a frantic attempt to avoid a crash.
She glanced anxiously at the rearview mirror. To Twill's dismay, however, she still hadn't lost her pursuers. The large, white truck barreled after her, the police close behind.
No one in their right mind would be driving so at this time of night, especially not in the poring rainstorm that was hitting London right now. Twill, though, had never been known as a sensible person. In fact, most people thought she was crazy.
A sharp snap brought Twill back to reality. Looking down, she saw that her heel had broken, probably the result of her extreme pressure on the gass.
"Blast that shoe!" she yell, turning sharply to the right.
A loud bang made Twill jump. From the sound of shattering glass, she guessed--and rightly--that someone had shot and broken her back window. Whoever it was shot again, and her car swerved off the road; her back tires had been shot. Taking advantage of her decreasing speed, the white truck and the police shot the other tire. She was forced to stop.
"Get out, young lady," said an officer. Nearly crying, Twill obeyed. She had forgotten her heel, though. It snapped again, causing her to fall--hard--on the wet pavement. Twill blacked out.
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